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Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Upcoming Spoilers Star Zee Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika learns the big truth of Sahil and her love story of their last birth. She wants to tell Sahil about their love. She doesn’t want Sahil to marry Avantika. Tanuj kidnaps Vedika and drags her out of the house, when Avantika calls him and informs that Vedika has arrived. Tanuj wants Sahil to leave Vedika when he is marrying someone else. Sahil senses Vedika in trouble. He runs out of the house to find Vedika. Sahil catches Tanuj and fights with him. He finds Vedika lying unconscious in the car. Sahil fails to rescue Vedika. Sahil turns raged. he wants to save his love. He senses the strength of love and feels he is meant for Vedika.

Sir ji gets a new supporter in the form of clever and manipulative bar dancer Tara. Tara traps him by her beauty and charm. She aims to get his property by making his family away. Knowing his family has left him, she fools him by acting to help him get back the family. Sir ji believes that she is helping him in getting Gayatri home. Tara wants Gayatri to come home only to get a shock by her presence and then leave Sir ji forever. Tara is greedy for money. She knows she can reap many benefits if she keeps Sir ji in her control. Ronak and Muskaan learn about Tara, who started to live with Sir ji in their house. Ronak wants Sir ji to limit his bad deeds and not hurt Gayatri further.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Kainat turns all and all negative for her obsession for Zaroon. She develops strong hatred for Saltanat, unaware that Saltanat is her own sister, who was given away to childless Rubina and Nadim, so that Saltanat’s future gets better with them. Zainab had lost her husband and made the favor to Rubina by giving away Saltanat so that at least Saltanat gets father’s love.

Kainat is unaware of their blood connection. She feels fate has done injustice with her, that she didn’t get father’s love ever. She feels Saltanat has got everything in her life which actually belonged to her. With this misunderstanding in mind, Kainat goes on to plot against Saltanat. She gets Miyajaan kidnapped to bring a hurdle in Zaroon’s plans. Zaroon has planned to win Saltanat’s love by using her love confession.

Raghu’s tolerance limits ends because of Tawde. Raghu wanted to earn a living by hardwork and honesty. He is failing to come on the right path by facing troubles in his life. He knows Tawde is taking revenge on him. He feels he can’t do anything good. Maai asks Raghu to get back to his old job. Dhanak asks Raghu not to walk on wrong path. Raghu tells Dhanak that he will not lose to Tawde. He wipes off Dhanak’s vows from the board. Dhanak makes Raghu realize his mistake. She notes down the vows once again and tells him that he can’t lose his new positive identity because of any bad influence. She promises him that she will teach a lesson to Tawde.


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