Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Huge plan to backfire

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Huge plan to backfire

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Huge plan Chandan goes to a bar to drink alcohol. He dances with the people and celebrates his richness. Kulfi waits for him for long time and falls asleep in the car. Nandini finds Bhola concerned for her. She is happy when she finds him waiting for her. She finds his gestures cute. He tells her that her mum has prepared the food. He gifts her glasses to surprise her. Aai tells Nandini that Bhola has sell off her important books to get the money. Nandini gets worried knowing he has sold her medical books. Chandan takes Kulfi home. He gets drunk and drives to home. Nandini cries out that she lost her medical books. Bhola’s surprise turns out to be a blunder. Nandini tells him that her exams are coming and she is already worried.

Bhola tells her that she was just trying to help her. Aai asks Bhola to leave the house. She gets bitter tongued towards him. Bhola leaves the house on her saying. Nandini gets more worried for him. She doesn’t want to lose him. Sikandar/Bhola walks on the road at night and comes across Chandan. Chandan misses to see him. Kulfi feels some bond with Bhola and tries hard to see him. Chandan is happy to earn much money with ease. He wants to get his hands on the money so that he turns more rich. Kulfi gets suspicious on seeing him hide the money in the vase. She goes to find the money and breaks the vase.

Lovely gets to see the money in the vase and wants to ask Sikandar about it. Nandini wants to find Bhola. Aai asks her to get rid of Bhola, who is just a problem for them. Nandini knows that Bhola is a clean hearted man and can keep Pakhi very happy. She wants to find him and get him home. Lovely finds the big amount and asks Chandan about it. He fools her that Mohendar has returned the loan to him, he forgot where to keep it and kept it in the vase. Lovely finds his move strange. He succeeds to fool her and fails Kulfi’s big plans.

Bhola dreams of his fairy, Kulfi again, while sleeping on the road. He looks for Kulfi. He goes to meet the junk buyer and asks for the medical books. The man asks him to buy it for double amount. Bhola doesn’t know how to earn the money. He is happy that he found Nandini’s books. Nandini gets in trouble by the landlord who tries to flirt with her. Nandini turns angered and gets away to save herself. Chandan asks Kulfi to sing more and earn money. He suspects Kulfi’s actions that she has made the vase fall to get him caught. Chandan knows her plans and warns her against acting smart.


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