Voot Silsila Latest Entry creates a stir in Ruhaan’s life

Voot Silsila Latest Entry creates a stir in Ruhaan's life

Voot Silsila Latest Entry Radhika introduces Nikki to Ruhaan. Nikki gets interested in Ruhaan and gets smitten by his charm. She gets praising Ruhaan. Mishti gets jealous watching Nikki and Ruhaan bonding. Ruhaan enjoys Mishti’s jealousy and gets friendly with Nikki. He also gets flirting with Nikki and clicks selfies with her. He asks her to meet him anytime she wants, even if he is busy in the middle of the work. She tells him that she is very happy to meet him, she is like his fan. Ruhaan enjoys her company. He angers Mishti further. Nikki asks Ruhaan for a coffee date.

Ruhaan agrees to her and signals Mishti about his date. Pari also plans a date with Ruhaan so that she can confess love to him. Mishti tells Pari that Nikki is with Ruhaan and she was just watching them talk. Pari asks Mishti to come out with her and hear their talk. They greet Nikki and try to distance her from Ruhaan. Ruhaan’s over-friendly behavior stuns Mishti and Pari. They see a new side of him. Radhika asks Ruhaan if he likes Nikki. He tells her that he likes Nikki a lot, he has planned a dinner date with her as well.

Radhika tells him that Nikki’s alliance had come for him. She asks him to marry Nikki. Mishti and Pari ask Ruhaan will he marry Nikki. He gets a big shock knowing this proposal thing and refuses for it. He tells Radhika that he doesn’t know Nikki and can’t say yes so soon. Radhika gets excited for his marriage. She asks him to meet Nikki often and know her. Ruhaan understands Mishti’s weird behavior since the last day.

Pari wants Radhika to get her married to Ruhaan. She wonders why didn’t Radhika think of her. Mishti and Pari make plans to spoil Ruhaan and Nikki’s dat. Mishti doesn’t want Ruhaan to act smart. She is sure that Ruhaan will get stuck badly and come running to her to get help.

She asks Pari not to give attention to Ruhaan. They avoid Ruhaan. On the other hand, Veer and his mum talk of the new alliance for Veer. Arnav witnesses their talk and congratulates Veer when he agrees for meeting the girl. Veer wants his mum to be happy. He also wants to move on in life. Mishti tells Pari that Ruhaan will deal with Nikki and call off the alliance, they shouldn’t be worried. Mishti asks Pari why is she worried for this matter. Pari wants to tell Mishti about her feelings for Ruhaan.

Ruhaan and Mishti have sweet moments. He teases her that his marriage is getting fixed. Mishti acts happy for him and asks him to marry soon. He likes her jealousy. He likes the new side of Mishti’s love. Sukamini plays the cards game with the younger lots. She cheats and gets caught by Mishti. Mishti is already in a bad mood and reacts. She refuses to play the game. Ruhaan gets happy seeing Mishti’s reaction which just expresses her love for him. Nikki arrives home and ruins the fun.


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