Highlights Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Raabta

Highlights Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Bhagya

Highlights Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Rishabh refuses to marry Sherlyn as he thinks Preeta loves him and don’t want him to marry Sherlyn. Rakhi emotionally blackmails him to marry Sherlyn, but he refuses. Preeta gets a clue about the place watching the video and goes there. She peeps inside through the window and finds Sarla there tied on to the chair and crying. She is about to call her when goon comes there. Preeta has a tough task to fool goons and rescue Sarla. Rakhi tells Karan that if he tries to stop this marriage then their relation will finish. Karan is shocked. He tries to reason with her that Sherlyn is not suitable for Rishabh, but she doesn’t listen to him.

Raja Beta: Vedant thinks how to talk to Purva about his deal with Ramesh. He thinks he did that deal so that Ramesh can let Purva stay in the house. He thinks how to make her understand that the circumstances were different then. He wanders on the road worrying. He thinks he has done everything for this family. His father took a promise from him not to become a father and questions himself. Purva calls him. Vedant thinks what to tell Purva who has done so much for his family. He thinks how to ask her not to become a mother just because he had promised Ramesh. Vedant tries to talk to Purva about Ramesh’s sayings. Ramesh asks Vedant to talk to her at the earliest. Pankhudi and Ramesh think that Purva will get upset with Vedant and will leave him.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani couldn’t get Atharv’s phone to locate Anupriya’s whereabouts. Kalyani goes to get water and opens the tap when she thinks that the water tank is empty today. Just then some pearls fall down from the tap. Kalyani realizes Anupriya is in the water tank seeing her pearls and rushes there. She finds Anupriya in the water tank and shouts Aai. Malhar defeats Atharv badly in the wrestling match. He searches Atharv’s wife Mugdha and saves her. Atharv comes to know about Malhar taking Mugdha with him from the doctor.

Kumkum Bhagya: Rhea and Prachi prepare to go to College Trip. Pragya asks Prachi not to fight with Rhea and tells that she is not bad, just a bit stubborn. Prachi tells her that it was Rhea who always initiates the fight. Pragya asks her to promise not to fight with Rhea. Prachi promises her. Meera also asks Rhea not to fight with Prachi and land herself in any trouble. She asks her to be nice with Prachi. Rhea promises her that she will not fight with Prachi, will patch up with her, and will be in her good books until she agrees. Ranbir plans to propose Rhea when they are on the college trip, but he starts liking for Prachi. Prachi starts to like Ranbir. Abhi searches Pragya.


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