Yeh Rishta Shocking Affair Misconception Next

Yeh Rishta Shocking Affair Misconception Next

Yeh Rishta Shocking Affair Kartik and Naira arrive home after their ruined dinner date. He vents anger on the bad weather and presents his spoiled mood. Naira cares for him. They have a moment. He apologizes to her. Naira stops him from the romance. She wants to know about her pregnancy. Kartik wonders why is he keeping him away, if there is any reason for this. She asks him to change clothes and sleep. She feels sorry to hide things from him. Naksh and Kirti sense the tension between Kartik and Naira. They discuss that tension can’t stay between them for long, since their love is true and really strong. They think they are just taking stress for the couple who doesn’t need any advice. They find Kartik and Naira a perfect couple and laugh off their worries.

Kirti asks Naksh not to talk to Naira about it. Dadi keeps a Shanti puja at home. Naira assists Suwarna in the work. Manish wants to talk to Mihir about the new project. Kartik finds Naira on call and wonders if she is talking to Mihir. Naira wants to speak to the doctor and learn about her reports. Dadi asks Naira to take care of the family and attend the puja than rushing for the work. Manish tells Dadi that Naira has to go for work. Naira refuses to go, and wants Mihir to handle work. Dadi asks Naira to look after Kartik.

Naira stops Dadi from taunting her always. She is managing the house and job. Everyone supports Naira in her career. Naira gets crying because of Dadi’s behavior. Suwarna sends Naira to the temple with the Chadava. Kartik thinks to follow her. He stops himself from doubting Naira. Mihir calls up Naira and asks her to come in the wedding to open the security lock. He tells her that its a little thing and won’t take much time. Naira agrees to help her.

Mitali asks Kartik why didn’t he come in the wedding when Naira is here. She sends Naira’s picture with Mihir. Kartik breaks down when Mitali brainwashes him again. He gets angry and recalls Naira’s lies. Naira unlocks the safe and solves Mihir’s problem. Mihir asks her to go home, since she looks unwell. She gets dizzy. He asks her to rest in his room if she wants.

She feels nausea and she runs to Mihir’s room to freshen up. Mihir looks for Naira. Naira faints in Mihir’s room. He isn’t aware of her presence. Mihir gets working in his room. He thinks Naira has left for her house. Kartik and Manish attend the royal wedding. Kartik looks for Naira. Karan greets Jadeja and asks him about Naira. Jadeja tells him that maybe she is with Mihir. Kartik gets more furious. Mihir’s clothes gets spoiled by the coffee. He changes the clothes and leaves from the room. Mitali spots Mihir’s change of clothes.

Kartik thinks he should have not come here by doubting Naira. Naira gets conscious and leaves from the room. Mitali gets her earring and doubts that Mihir was with Naira. She gets angered and rushes to Kartik. She asks Kartik what was his wife doing with Mihir. She tells Kartik about Mihir and Naira’s affair. She sends the video to Kartik. She turns Kartik more suspicious.


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