Abhi Pragya Preeta Karan face huge Dramatic twists

Abhi Pragya Preeta Karan face huge Dramatic twists

Abhi Pragya Preeta Karan new troubles ahead. Kumkum Bhagya Rhea is going to trap Prachi. She wants to record the video and frame Prachi in the accident. She is ready to risk her life. She wants to defame Prachi and show Abhi that Prachi has made the fake promise to them. She had promised Meera that she will patch up with Prachi. She doesn’t keep her promise and just follows her egoistic heart. Abhi comes to Pragya’s house. A thief enters the house. Abhi saves Pragya from the thief. She thinks Abhi is the thief and beats him up. The thief acts to get dizzy and runs away.

Abhi catches the thief and gets him arrested. Pragya doesn’t know who has come to help her and called the police. She misses to see Abhi when he leaves in a rush. She fails to meet Abhi and know his help due to the power cut at her house. Rhea and her friend call Prachi at the cliff and wants to provoke Prachi to fall into her trap.

Kundali Bhagya: Rishabh and Sherlyn get married. Rishabh isn’t happy and misses Preeta. Karan learns about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s affair truth. He knows Preeta has gone to the hospital to find the evidence about Sherlyn. She wants to save Sarla from the goons. Preeta gets attacked by the goons. Sarla rushes Preeta to the ICU for the treatment. Sarla knows that Preeta has risked her life to save her. She prays for Preeta’s recovery.

Preeta wants to stop Rishabh’s marriage with Sherylyn. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she has asked Raj to kill Sarla and Preeta to stop them from revealing their truth. She tells him that Preeta has escaped from their clutches. Karan realizes that Preeta is in big danger, and it was Sherlyn who has kept Preeta away from Rishabh’s marriage. He wants to know where is Preeta. He was holding Preeta responsible for not stopping the marriage. He learns that she was helpless and failed to stop the marriage.

Sherlyn is happy that she has become Rishabh’s wife and owner of his property. She doesn’t care when Karan confronts her. She feels Rishabh’s property belongs to Prithvi and her now. She wants to ruin Kundra family peace and happiness. Sherlyn tells that Preeta has to die as she has learnt all their secrets, which shouldn’t be known to anyone. Karan rushes to save Preeta and Sarla at the hospital. Abhi Pragya Preeta Karan will be seen fighting their fate and enemies to secure their lives again.


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