Drastic plot Yeh Rishta Unexpected turns

Kartik Naira Ugly Battle High Voltage drama ahead

Drastic plot Yeh Rishta Mitali proves to Kartik that Mihir and Naira are having an affair. He tries hard to keep his faith on Naira. He doesn’t want to listen to Mitali. He still gets doubting Naira and wants to confront her. He gets heartbroken. He gets dreaming of Mihir snatching his love Naira. He wants to be sure that Naira just belongs to her. He gets into a trauma by this dilemma troubling him day and night. He wants to ask Naira about Mihir so that his confusion gets cleared. He wants to tell Mitali as well that Naira is pure. He goes to ask Naira about her professional relationship with Mihir.

Mitali accuses Mihir for having an affair with Naira. Mihir tells her that he has nothing to do with Naira, except work. He asks her to change her thinking and not ruin their relationship. Mitali wants revenge on Mihir. She gets suspecting Mihir and gets the evidence against him. Kartik can’t believe that Mitali is right about Mihir and Naira. He feels his love has fallen short that Naira moved on to another relationship. Kartik’s emotional break down is seen. He gets mad and sick while thinking of Mihir and Naira’s love affair. He wants to believe his wife. He wants to ask Naira once so that his doubt gets cleared. He doesn’t want to hurt Naira by misunderstanding her.

When Kartik confronts Naira about her affair with Mihir, she doesn’t answer her and feels sorry for failing in her relationship to convince Kartik how much she loves him. She gets heartbroken and leaves from the house in a rush. Kartik follows her and looks for her everywhere. He doesn’t find Naira. He returns home and angrily ruins things to vent out his frustration. He gets devastated. Naira gets angry on herself and wonders where she went wrong that Kartik suspected her character.

Naira meets an accident, post which she gets separated from Kartik. She recovers from the accident, but decided not to get back to her suspecting husband, who didn’t respect their relation and ruined it all in a single moment by a big question on her character. Kartik feels guilty and shattered when he learns about Naira’s death. He can’t believe that he has questioned her character, which lead to her death. He didn’t wish Naira to die and leave from his life forever. He isn’t able to accept her death, while the families believe the news and mourn for Naira. This drastic plot in Yeh Rishta will end Kaira forever. Keep reading.


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