Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Star Plus Upcoming Shockers

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Star Plus Upcoming Shockers

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Star Plus Chandan gets a shocking news and wants his goons to follow Kulfi and Rocket. He is angry that Kulfi is spying on him and trying to know about him. Kulfi is happy that Sikandar has sung that song, Bhola is Sikankar and she is too happy. She awaits their meet. She wants to know why is Sikandar living as Bhola with Pakhi’s family. Rocket asks her to get saved from Chandan. He tells her that he will meet her soon. She heads to meet Pakhi and Bhola. Mohendar tries to get a job so that he supports Sikandar financially. He agrees to take up a singing task. Rocket finds Chandan’s goon following Kulfi. He gets worried and hides from the goon. Mohendar gets some money for his work. He gets insulted by the music director.

Mohendar feels bad. Rocket tries to save Kulfi. He uses his smartness and traps the goon. Rocket gets the goon beaten up by the public. Gunjan complains to Mohendar about Lovely. She tells him that Lovely has attacked her once again to kill her. Mohendar believes her accusations on Lovely. Lovely clarifies and tells Mohendar that Gunjan had a heart attack and she has just helped Gunjan recover from the attack by immediate action. Lovely doesn’t tell them about Sikandar taking drugs. She doesn’t clarify to them. Kulfi and Rocket want to find Bhola. Lovely shares her tensions with Nandini. She tells about her husband taking some drugs.


Nandini calls her home for the meet so that she can analyze the kind of drugs and help Lovely. Kulfi meets Pakhi and asks for Bhola. Pakhi wants Kulfi to leave from her house. Kulfi doesn’t want to listen to her and leave without meeting Bhola. Bhola meets the goon and saves him from the public. The goon thinks he is Chandan and praises him for the timely help. He gets surprised when Chandan calls him. The goon realizes that its Sikandar in front of him. Bhola disappears from him. The goon tells Chandan about seeing Sikandar in the locality. Chandan gets alert and tensed. He didn’t expect such news to come ever.

He asks the goons to catch Sikandar and not let him reach the house. Rocket defends Kulfi when Pakhi’s friends trouble her. Bhola comes to meet Pakhi. Kulfi and Rocket get surprised on seeing Sikandar. Kulfi and Bhola meet. Kulfi gets happy to meet her father. Kulfi falls down and lands in trouble. Sikandar gets some flashes of his past. He rescues Kulfi and saves her from getting hurt. Kulfi senses his love and cries out. She is happy to get her father back. Sikandar protects her like before. He gets normal for some time and then turns back into Bhola.

Lovely visits the same place to meet Nandini. Kulfi embraces Sikandar and tells him how much she missed him. Bhola is happy to meet his fairy of the dreams. Kulfi tells him that she had to find him. She asks him to tell Pakhi that he is her father. Bhola gets puzzled. He tells her that he is Pakhi’s dad. Kulfi gets a huge shock on knowing that Sikandar has lost his memory. He behaves kiddish and weird. Kulfi tells him that he is Sikandar. He has no memories of his past. Kulfi asks Rocket to help her in explaining Sikandar the truth. He tells her that he sees her in dreams, she comes as a pretty fairy and calls him home.

Kulfi gets worried when Pakhi projects her as an evil girl. She misleads Bhola. She doesn’t want to lose Bhola. He believes Pakhi and gets away from Kulfi. Kulfi wants to get back Sikandar by the medium of music. She sings a song to make Sikandar recover his memory. Kulfi and Sikandar connect through music again.


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