Muskaan Big mystery of Lal Darwaza secret

Muskaan Huge sacrifice and a shocking punishment

Muskaan Big mystery Ronak reaches Sir ji to hand over the money to him. He asks Muskaan to give the money to Sir ji and get free from the slavery. He wants Muskaan and Gayatri to get free from Sir ji’s condition and torture. Sir ji asks Ronak how did he earn the money, by an honest approach or not. Muskaan asks Ronak how did he get so much money. Ronak asks her not to care for it and just think of her freedom. Sir ji asks him if he has earned money the right away. He reminds his condition to Muskaan. He creates a dispute between Ronak and Muskaan by showing a fight video to Muskaan. He tells Muskaan that Ronak has made society people homeless and worked for a wrong man. He tells that Ronak also did a wrong thing and earned money in illegal way.

He feels that Ronak’s money is also bad just like they tagged his earnings black. He scolds Ronak and tells him that he won’t accept this money, which is not less than black money. He calls Ronak a sinner too, since he has snatched people’s homes. Muskaan asks Ronak to help the people and get their homes back to rectify his mistake. Sir ji insults Muskaan and breaks his courage. Muskaan is much disappointed and shatters within knowing Ronak has walked on the wrong path, while showing the right path to Sir ji. She makes Ronak realize his mistake so that they don’t lose in the big fight with Sir ji.

Sir ji asks Muskaan to work in the brothel if she wants to earn money the right way. Muskaan agrees to clean the brothel and work as a servant there. She convinces Ronak to work as helper in the brothel. Ronak agrees to her. They both stun Sir ji with their unexpected decision. They take up the job at the brothel to earn money and pay back to Sir ji. They want to take Gayatri with them, the day they repay money to Sir ji. Ronak and Muskaan begin to work in the brothel. Muskaan warns Ronak against cleaning an old room which is kept locked since 25 years.


She tells him about the ghost stories she has heard in her childhood. She asks Ronak to stay away from that room. Ronak doesn’t believe that ghosts exists. The truth behind the ghost of the locked door will come out. Ronak and Muskaan will be finding the huge secret, which would ruin all the relations in their lives.


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