Voot Udaan Sameer killed Anjor faces a memory loss

Voot Udaan Sameer killed Anjor faces a memory loss

Voot Udaan Sameer killed Ranvijay has killed Sameer right in front of Anjor. Anjor suffers a huge trauma. She is rushed to the hospital by Chakor, who protects her from Ranvijay. Anjor is asked to give the statement to the police about Sameer’s murder. Just Anjor can testify that Ranvijay has killed Sameer and Chakor is innocent. Ranvijay makes a move to kill Anjor in the hospital. Chakor stays on toes to protect Anjor until the police records her statement and throws Ranvijay in the jail. It gets shocking for Chakor when Anjor wakes up and behaves like a child. Anjor becomes a child mentally. She has lost all her memories because of the huge trauma of Sameer’s death.

Chakor can’t believe this. Ranvijay is happy to know this and want to use the situation in his favor. He takes advantage of Anjor’s state to take his revenge on Chakor. He pleases Anjor and gets her home. He wins Anjor’s trust and makes her a puppet against Chakor. Anjor starts hating Chakor. Ranvijay and his Bua win the game of revenge on Chakor. Inspector tells Chakor that he can’t help her now since Anjor is not in a state to give the statement against Ranvijay. He laughs on Chakor for teaching him the rules of the law book.

He tells her that he isn’t arresting her right now since there is no evidence against her. Ranvijay wants Chakor to get arrested for Sameer’s murder. Bua mocks Chakor’s helplessness. Doctor gives her word to Chakor that Anjor may or may not recover from this mental trauma. Chakor gets too worried for her daughter whose life has fallen in deep risk once again because of Ranvijay. Ranvijay acts caring of Anjor and cages her inside his house once again, where Bua plans to torture her. Keep reading.


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