Watch Yeh Rishta new entry Pankhuri Awasthy mystery

Watch Yeh Rishta new entry Pankhuri Awasthy mystery

Watch Yeh Rishta new entry Post Leap Changes in Track. Kartik moves on in life, but is very much unhappy within. He learns to live for the sake of his family. He gets a new friend in Samarth and Gayu’s son Vansh. He dances with Vansh and appears happy. Naira is very much alive and far from Kartik. She hides her identity once again. She lives in Goa with the same old identity of Tina and works as a yoga instructor. She sees a girl sinking in the sea. She happens to be close on the beach that time. She runs to the girl’s rescue. She saves the girl from drowning. Naira is seen as a tough girl who can do anything to help people. She gets into bold avatar of Tina again. Kartik surprises Vansh on the first day of his school. He becomes a kid with Vansh.

Everyone is happy seeing Kartik smiling after a long time. Kartik accepts Naira’s death. She was everything for him. She was his love and life. He feels liveless and soulless without Naira. He still hopes that some day he finds her alive. He tricks his mind into believing that she is with him. He stays upset in loneliness, which gets seen by his friend Vedika, who happens to become a part of Goenka family as Vansh’s caretaker. Vedika and Kartik’s friendship is a relief for Kartik. She knows that Kartik is broken within.


Kartik is pretending to be happy for the sake of family’s happiness. He hides his sorrow and pain. He talks to Naira’s picture and apologizes for pushing her towards the death. He feels guilty that he has confronted Naira that night and compelled her to reach the blast site where he lost her. Vedika has lost her dad in an accident. She is emotional and understands relations. She has made her place in the family by her goodness and values. She connects with Kartik’s sorrow. She is very much mature and balanced.

Dadi hopes that Vedika brings the stability in Kartik’s life. Kartik deeply misses Naira on his birthday. Dadi tells Manish that he wants Kartik to marry Vedika. Kartik refuses for marriage. Vedika gets upset and leaves the house. She lands in trouble. Kartik reaches to her rescue. Kartik saves Vedika from some goons, and gets her home. He becomes her protector.



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