Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming 10th June 2019

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming 10th June 2019
Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Kulfi gets much happy on meeting Bhola, her father Sikandar. She is also sad that he is alienating himself from her. She doesn’t want Bhola to get away. He asks her to sing with him if she wants, she can get money and earn well. He likes her singing and sings with her. Kulfi doesn’t know if Sikandar has forgotten her. She wants to know how he lost his memories, why is he behaving so strange. She doesn’t want him to go away from her. She feels bad and questions Rocket, who consoles her. Kulfi asks him if Pakhi has done some black magic on him and made him forget her. She wants to tell the family that she has found real Sikandar.

Meanwhile, Lovely meets Nandini and shows the drugs she found in Sikandar’s drawer. Nandini alerts her that Sikandar is taking drugs and maybe addicted. She tells her that once a person gets inclined to drugs, his personality changes totally. She asks Lovely to support Sikandar and find out the truth so that she can help him get rid of the drugs. Kulfi shouts out Sikandar’s truth to the family. She wants to tell them about Sikandar. Chandan interrupts Kulfi and breaks her courage by threatening her about Sikandar. Kulfi gets scared of him and lies to the family.

Chandan gets happy that she has come in his control. He apologizes to her in front of the family to trick them. Kulfi stays with Mohendar. Chandan tells them that he will be always be with them as a family and keep them together. Everyone gets surprised seeing Sikandar’s changed behavior again. Nandini pacifies Bhola and Pakhi. Bhola sings a nice song to put Pakhi to sleep.

Nandini gets happy and also falls asleep by hearing his melodious song. Lovely searches Sikandar’s room to get more drugs. She wants him to get rid of the drugs. She gets a clue about him. She gets a visitor’s pass and want to know who is Kamla. This new mystery makes Lovely occupied mentally. She wants to ask Nandini about the patient Kamla, since Nandini works in the same hospital. Kulfi learns about Chandan’s plan. She hears his conversation and learns that he is planning to find and kill Sikandar. She gets a huge shock and doesn’t want Sikandar to fall in danger. Nandini and her mum get delighted on seeing Bhola’s genuine concern for them.

Bhola tells Nandini that he got bitten by a honey bee while putting Nandini and Pakhi to sleep, and didn’t wish the bee to bite them. He has tolerated the pain on their behalf to save them. His gesture touches Nandini’s heart once again. Amyra makes fun of Kulfi. She tells the family that she is joining a karate class. She enjoys pulling Kulfi’s leg by getting Sikandar on her side. Kulfi also wants to learn self defense so that she can also protect herself. She wants to learn karate as well so that she can tackle the enemy at home.

Chandan asks Kulfi to go for the karate classes if she wants to. Lovely gets spying on Chandan. Kulfi is tensed and wants to alert Sikandar. She takes her old disguised avatar to meet Sikandar at the singing class and unite with his heart through music. Sikandar and Kulfi unite once again while she revives their old moments. Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala coming track news.


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