Read Top 3 Star Plus Hits Kulfi Kumar and more

Read Top 3 Star Plus Hits Kulfi Kumar and more

Star Plus Hits Kulfi Kumar Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji: Happy’s death news shocks Rocky and the entire family. Sandhya and Rocky head to RV’s place to confront him about Happy’s death. Rocky tells Sandhya that he has himself witnessed that RV was torturing Happy and the truth is RV has killed her. He wants someone to tell him that Happy is alive. He can’t believe that Happy is dead. He cries a lot for Happy. He loves Happy truly and wishes to have a future with her. Rocky doesn’t know about Happy and Grover’s plan to get RV punished for Anaya’s murder. Happy hates RV because of his evil truth. She plans her fake death to blame RV and land him behind bars. Rocky sheds tears and sinks in sorrow.

He wants RV to admit the crime and repent in jail. RV doesn’t confess to kill Happy. He tells the police that he had gone on honeymoon with Happy, he planned a date with her and then he doesn’t remember anything, he met Happy at the cafe and shared few drinks, he got blank after the drinks. He tells inspector that Happy and he danced together, and then Happy left somewhere. He didn’t kill Happy and thinks its some mystery that she disappeared. RV didn’t wish to hurt her, but he got obsessed with her, he has forced her and demanded love since she claimed to marry him by her wish. He doesn’t suspect that its Happy’s plan to frame him. Police accuses RV and arrests him. RV has broken Grover and Happy’s faith. They want to punish RV.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Abir will be playing a game with NGO ladies and propose Mishti nicely. They together work for the school and camp build up. They face hurdles when some goons stop the construction work. Abir assures the ladies that he will handle the construction and also the goons. Abir tells Mishti that she would have missed him when he disappeared from the bus. The ladies like Abir’s choice and sense that Abir likes Mishti. They try to bring Abir and Mishti closer.

Kuhu and Kunal get surprised seeing Abir and Mishti together. Mishti clears their misunderstanding and tells about the drama. Abir hows to handle his relations. He asks Kuhu and Kunal to stay with them at the camp and help the kids achieve the power of education. Mishti helps Abhi in his NGO work. He gets impressed by her hard work. Kuhu and Kunal get kidnapped by the goons. Abir and Mishti will be saving their lives.

Star Plus Hits Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi doesn’t deter after she finds Sikandar’s truth that he is living with Pakhi as Bhola. She returns home and wants to expose Chandan. She shouts to the family and calls them to reveal Sikandar and Chandan’s swapping truth. She tells them that she wants to tell them about Sikandar. Amyra asks her why can’t she wait until their dad comes. Chandan comes there to interrupt Kulfi. He scares her and asks her what does she want to tell him. Kulfi tries to tell them that Chandan is a big liar. Chandan hugs her and then threatens her. He tells her that he has tracked Sikandar and he will kill Sikandar if she tries to expose him. He breaks down her courage by naming Sikandar. Kulfi gets terrified and gets speechless. Mohendar asks Kulfi what did she want to tell them. She doesn’t tell anything about Bhola.


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