Yeh Rishta Aarav entry Kartik’s remarriage drama

Yeh Rishta Aarav entry Kartik's remarriage drama

Yeh Rishta Aarav entry Dadi scolds Kartik for hurting Vedika’s heart and putting her in trouble, when Kartik scolds Vedika for her careless attitude. Vedika sheds tears while recalling the accident of her father, committed by Kartik. Dadi reminds the accident to Kartik and tells her that Vedika is his responsibility. She asks Kartik not to run away from his responsibility. Dadi finds their bonding good and thinks maybe Vedika can take Naira’s place in his life. Suwarna doesn’t want Kartik to remarry. She doesn’t want Dadi to compel Kartik for second marriage. She tells Dadi that they can’t snatch Naira’s memories from Kartik, else his purpose of life will end.

Naira searches for peace. She sets her little world and wants to find a source of happiness. Naira is worried for her son. She has no answers for him. Goenka family celebrates the birthday of Samarth and Gayu’s son. Vansh smears the cake on Kartik’s face and runs. Kartik enjoys his birthday. He takes selfie with Vansh. Vedika goes to care for Kartik. Kartik asks her to stay away and not give any false hopes to his family, which he may not fulfill ever. Kartik loses his willingness to live. He is just getting blamed by the family when he ignores Vedika. He sinks in Naira’s memories.

He cries seeing Naira’s picture. He feels he has ruined his life by his own hands by questioning Naira’s loyalty. Naira isn’t able to forget Kartik. She visits a church and confesses her sorrows. She wants to find a direction to lead in her life. Vedika falls in love with Kartik. Kartik and Naira’s lives stop without each other. Kartik has to manage his family responsibility, while Naira has to look after her son. Kartik wants to give happiness to his family and can do anything for them, except a remarriage. He feels guilty for Naira’s death. Naira wants to secure her son Aarav from all sorts of sorrow. She doesn’t know what to tell him when he asks her about his father. She feels Aarav will be hurt knowing his father will never come to them.


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