Read Today’s Top 5 Hit Telly Spoilers 13th June 2019

Telly Spoilers 13th June 2019

Hit Telly Spoilers 13th June Sufiyana Pyaar Ka: Zaroon finds Saltanat arriving first for the marriage function of Kainat and Hamza. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He whistles seeing her and gets flirting. She gets surprised seeing his lover side. She tells him that if Miyajaan sees them, he will throw them out. He tells her that he really wants Miyajaan to ousts them from the house so that they can have their little world of love set up far away from the family tensions. She tells him that everything will get fine once Kainat and Hamza get married. He doesn’t tell her about Kainat’s condition and madness, that she wants to see him as her groom while she marries Hamza.

He feels Kainat is getting too obsessed for him. Kainat plays a game and wants to compel Zaroon for marriage. Saltanat promises to tell him everything once Kainat’s marriage happens smoothly.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Lovely doubts on Chandan. She tries to meet Nandini at the hospital and find the truth. Chandan tries hard to stop her. She takes help from Mohendar and goes out. She wants to find his truth. Kulfi learns that Bhola is Sikandar and confirms it. She wants to remind him the past and comes up with an idea to isolate him from Pakhi, so that she can compel him to accept the truth.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Naina and Sameer take care of injured Rakesh. Rakesh breaks his foot when he threatens of leaving the house, being angry on Sameer. He slipped down and fell down, leading to the injury. Sameer and Naina get Rakesh home and look after him. The flat ceiling has water leakage. Naina quickly removes all the electronics connections and secures them. She recalls her old house and old days. She gets nostalgic and cries. Sameer sits awake all night, taking care of Rakesh. Naina too supports Sameer and is happy the way is Sameer is handling Rakesh’s anger. Rakesh tells Sameer that he is helpless to stay with them, else he would have reached his city by now.


Preeto comes up with a suicide drama once again. She reaches the kinners’ house and threatens of committing suicide. She pours the kerosene on herself. She asks Raavi to come with her. Raavi stops her from the madness. Raavi has come to stay with the kinners, which drives Preeto mad. Preeto tells Raavi that she will burn herself alive if Raavi doesn’t agree to come home with her. Soumya comes there on the right time and saves Preeto. She pours water on Preeto and stops her.

She asks Preeto to value her life and not hurt herself. Preeto wants to insult Soumya. She doesn’t want Raavi to support Soumya. Preeto’s ego gets hurt. She doesn’t want to lose. Soumya doesn’t want their house to break. She requests Raavi to go home with Preeto. Soumya goes home to meet Harman and stop him from drinking. She wants Harman to bring his life on track. Soumya slips down the stairs. Harman worries for Soumya.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:

Kunal and Kuhu meet on a romantic date. This is Mishti’s dream, who wants to see them as a couple. She sees Kunal and Kuhu romancing in her dream and gets glad. She wants Kunal to marry Kuhu, knowing Kuhu likes Kunal. Mishti and Abir see Kunal and Kuhu bonding together and learn that Kunal has gifted a bracelet to Kuhu. Kunal and Kuhu’s friendship is getting stronger since he has saved her from the goons. Kunal doesn’t realize love for Kuhu. He doesn’t believe in love. Kuhu is in love with Kunal since long time. Keep reading for more Telly spoilers for 13th June 2019.


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