Kulfi Kumar Terrifying secret out to Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Terrifying secret out to Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Terrifying secret Kulfi and her friends corner Sikandar to explain him his real identity and relations. Sikandar aka Bhola cries and asks Kulfi to let him go back to Pakhi. Kulfi can’t see him crying and asks him to go. She asks her friends not to stop Sikandar. She gets in pain seeing him crying. She knows the pain of going away from her father. She doesn’t want Pakhi to go through the same pain. She tells them that Pakhi thinks Bhola is her dad. She wants to remind Sikandar their relation first. She doesn’t want him to feel caged. She cries that she lost him once again. Nandini meets Lovely and tells about Kamla’s only son Chandan.

Lovely thinks Sikandar has lied to her. She wants to know who is visiting Kamla. Nandini tells Lovely that Kamla has no daughter, that guy who posed as Chandan was cleanly lying. Lovely gets worried. Kulfi knows that Sikandar is her dad, he isn’t Bhola. Chandan hears her talks and scares her. He calls the goon and asks him to mislead Lovely. The goon tells him that Lovely is convinced by his plans. He asks the goon to kill Sikandar, who is living with Pakhi. Kulfi gets shocked hearing him. Chandan scares her and tells her that none of the family members are at home now, he will spend the day with her.

He keeps an eye on her so that she doesn’t do anything. Kulfi wants to inform her friends about Chandan’s plans. Bhola plays with Nandini and Pakhi. The goon sees him and calls Chandan. He informs that Sikandar isn’t alone. Chandan asks him to kill Sikandar at night. Kulfi wants to go and save Sikandar. She thinks it will be too late if she doesn’t reach Bhola. She gets an idea to inform Rocket. She makes an excuse and ties a red cloth to the balcony, so that Rocket knows about the dangerous threat on her. Rocket goes to help Kulfi and sends his friends to save Bhola. Lovely meets Kamla and shows Chandan’s picture to her. Kamla doesn’t recognize the picture.

Kamla sees Sikandar’s music concert on the tv and signs that he is Chandan. Lovely gets big time puzzled and wants to know why is Kamla calling Sikandar as Chandan. The mystery intensifies for her. The goon leaves from Pakhi’s house. Guru ji asks Bhola to attend the music camp and get more work. Aai wants Bhola to be away from Kulfi. Lovely tries to analyze that Sikandar is lying, but why. She thinks of his different personality. She understands that the man living with them as Sikandar isn’t Sikandar, but Chandan. She gets terrified with this truth.

Bhola agrees to go to the music camp. Pakhi wants him to go, but wants to accompany him. Guru ji tells him that money will be needed for their expenses. Bhola doesn’t want to go, as he has no money. Lovely meets the inspector and enquires about the accident. Inspector tells her that a thief caught Sikandar before they met with an accident, but he didn’t find the thief’s body around, Sikandar was injured, and all alone. Lovely gets the case details and is shocked. She realizes that Chandan has replaced Sikandar in the family. Chandan calls Lovely to ask why did she go to the police station. He informs that Amyra has arrived home from Karate class. Lovely gets worried for Amyra and rushes home. Kulfi tries hard to leave from the house. Rocket comes to her rescue. Chandan doubts on Kulfi.


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