Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Breaking News for Raman Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today Rescue plan by Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Breaking News Hetal swears to admit the truth that she is Shaina Shah in reality and took up Hetal’s identity to help them. She wants to help Bhalla family so that they get free from Sahil. Ishita asks her why is she coming to stay with her and working as a house help. Hetal aka Shaina tells them that she is dead for Sahil. She tells them that she was in love with Sahil, but then she learnt about his evil business. She has always refused to take his wrongly earned money. She decided to get separated from Sahil. Sahil had tried to burn her alive and kill her when she asked for divorce. She tells them that she has changed her identity and made a new start of her life, but Sahil doesn’t know that she is alive.

She tells them that she learnt that Sahil is using her name to trap Ishita, she wanted to help Ishita and get Sahil punished. She wants Bhallas to believe her. Raman and Ishita get convinced hearing her story. They don’t want Sahil to hurt Shaina again. They are ready to give a secure shelter to Shaina. Shaina tells them that she has passed Manish’s mother’s contact details to them, she will get more evidence against Sahil by seeking Shamshad’s help.

She tells them that they have to be ahead of Sahil’s plans. Neha spots Hetal with Raman and Ishita. She gets suspicious about Hetal. She wants to know what is the family hiding from her. The family gets into a drama mode and blame Neha for hurting Mrs. Iyer. Mihika makes Neha busy so that she doesn’t learn about Hetal. Yug goes with Neha to keep her away. Karan and Ruhi head to the police station to help Raman and Ishita.

Shaina accompanies Raman and Ishita to the police station. Shaina tells the commissioner that she is Sahil’s wife. He tells her that he doesn’t know about Sahil’s wife’s death in a fire incident. Shaina tells him that Sahil can do anything, she knows all his secrets and she can help police arrest Sahil.

Sahil learns that Padma has helped Raman and Ishita. He gets angry. Commissioner tells Raman that Shamshad and Manish took the blames on themselves and protected Sahil. Shaina wants to meet Shamshad by seeking the permission from the police. She wants to convince him so that he proves Sahil’s crimes. She is sure that Shamshad will help her. Sahil learns that Padma has left the city. He asks his goons and also a police constable to keep an eye on Raman and Ishita.

Constable doesn’t accept the bribes and informs the commissioner about Sahil’s call. Commissioner asks him to mislead Sahil. Shaina meets Shamshad and shocks him. He didn’t know that she is alive. Karan and Ruhi want Sahil to get punished. Karan is sure that none can save Sahil now. She asks him to go back home since his revenge is also fulfilled. He tells her that he is staying at Iyer house for her sake. They have a romantic moment. Yug calls them up and asks them to reach the police station soon. Shaina tells Shamshad that Sahil has tried to burn her alive.

Shamshad doesn’t believe her. She shows her the burn mark on her face and calls Sahil a devil. She tells Shamshad that she has always regarded him as a brother and needs his help. She emotionally seeks his help, to which he agrees. He agrees to give the statement against Sahil, knowing his inhumane act towards Shaina. The Bhallas get happy that Sahil’s chapter will come to an end finally. They will now deal with Neha’s bank robbery incident.


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