Silsila Badalte Pyaar Ka Confusion Twist begins

Silsila Badalte Pyaar Ka Confusion Twist begins

Silsila Badalte Pyaar Ka Veer insults Mishti while talking to Ruhaan. Ruhaan loses his cool and breaks the promise to Mishti. He scolds Veer for insulting Mishti and ends his relations. He chooses Mishti. He removes Veer from his friends zone. Veer threatens to hurt him. Ruhaan provokes him for taking any step he wants. Mishti gets upset with Ruhaan for breaking the promise and talking to Veer. She asks him not to fall to Veer’s low level. She is hurt that Ruhaan has not respected her word. Veer wants to meet Ruhaan and confront him. His mum stops him from going anywhere. Ruhaan tells Mishti that he will always take a stand for her, its their problem to tackle Veer, he can’t bear her insult.

He asks her to free him from the promise. She gets worried seeing his injured hand. He tells her that they are together now and its their battle against Veer. Mishti gets worried for him when he doesn’t get the aid done to his hand. He stops her from following him. She does the aid to his wound. Ruhaan calms his anger. Mishti doesn’t want to talk about Veer and stay positive. Pari agrees with her decision. She just wants her family to stay happy. Pari gets caring for Ruhaan on finding him disturbed.

Elsewhere, Sukamani gets hurt and calls up Radhika to seek help. Radhika worriedly rushes to see her. They realize that Sukamani is hyping the injury to get the tasty parathas. Mishti asks Ruhaan not to vent anger on food. She asks him to forget about Veer now. She doesn’t want him to fall in trouble. She is just securing him.

He gets amazed when she shows her devilish side. He wonders how can she eat all the breakfast in a weird manner and asks her to carry on. She eats many chillies until he is present around. He doesn’t get convinced. She breaks into tears. Radhika asks Sukamani why did she do this injury drama if she wanted to have breakfast with them. Sukamani likes to play the naughty pranks on Radhika. Pari likes their friendly moments. She asks them to carry on their kiddish arguments. Pari wants to go back to Ruhaan. Radhika and Sukamani know Pari’s love for Ruhaan and laugh out. Mishti wants to talk to Ruhaan. He ignores her for a while.

Mishti plans to end his annoyance with a sweet love card, since he always wanted to hear her love confession. Mishti keeps the card and runs out from his room. Mishti hides the truth from Pari once again. Ruhaan misses to see Mishti’s card. Mishti waits for his reaction. She wonders if he has seen the card or not. Mishti pulls his leg. He stays angry on her. Radhika gets mistaken that Pari and Ruhaan are in a love relationship.


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