Kasauti Secret unveils Anurag and Mr. Bajaj’s first row

Kasautii Bajaj introduces Anurag to death SHOCKING

Kasauti Secret unveils Anurag tries to meet Mr. Bajaj. He doesn’t want anyone to create hurdles for him. Anurag gets unstoppable. Prerna doesn’t want Anurag to fall into any trouble. Anurag gets surrounded by many problems altogether. Anurag isn’t known to a big secret that Mr. Bajaj is after his business because of Komolika. Mohini insults Veena and stains her esteem by calling her a gold digger. She asks Veena to keep all the jewellery sets back. Veena doesn’t want to take any fight from Mohini. Mohini asks her to at least take the costly saree from her side. Anurag tries to get inside Mr. Bajaj’s house.

When the guard stops him, Anurag gets inside by the window. The alarms rings. Mr. Bajaj points the gun thinking he is some burglar. He then realizes that he is Anurag Basu. He asks Anurag how did he come here and why. He has a bad image of Anurag and thinks Anurag has cheated Komolika. He is misled by Komolika who had reached to him to seek help before her death. Anurag tells him that he has come to know his intentions. Mr. Bajaj treats him well as a guest. He tells Anurag that he will answer all his questions and asks him to relax. Anurag finds his photo burnt.

He checks the file of Basu publications and realizes that Mr. Bajaj has done all the homework about his company and family. He asks Mr. Bajaj why did he gather information about his family. Mr. Bajaj serves him a drink and acts cool. Anurag doesn’t want Mr. Bajaj to ruin his personal life. Mr. Bajaj tells him that he ruins people in his unique way of business.

Anurag tells him that he wins people’s curses, but not hearts. He reprimands Mr. Bajaj. He asks Mr. Bajaj to do anything and challenges him that this time he will make Mr. Bajaj taste the failure. Mr. Bajaj tells him that he is someone who can’t get defeated at any cost. He asks Anurag why is he insecure, there is nothing with him that is worth snatching. Anurag doesn’t want to answer him. He leaves from Mr. Bajaj’s house and attends Prerna’s call.

Mr. Bajaj accepts Anurag’s challenge and wants to ruin him. Anurag tells Prerna that he lied to her before, and came to meet Mr. Bajaj. She asks him to come home and not take any stress. She wants him to remember that he is Moloy’s son, who is the best in the business. She encourages him to fight back. He thinks why is Mr. Bajaj having enmity with him. He wants to do the same with Mr. Bajaj by using his unique ways. Mohini and Veena’s argument gets known to Anurag. He wants to stop Mohini. Mohini gets Nivedita on her side by playing an emotional drama. She doesn’t want to accept Prerna. Anurag gets troubled by Mohini’s new drama when she blames Veena for stealing the ancestral jewellery.



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