Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Memory Flash Rekindle Moments

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Memory Flash Rekindle Moments

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Memory Flash twist 20th June 2019 Bhola and Kulfi reach the music camp and meet. Bhola misses Pakhi a lot. He has a wrong impression about Kulfi in mind and opposes her. Bhola and Kulfi share a sweet kiddish moment. The kids at the camp think Sikandar is not for real and its his dupe. Sikandar teaches them about singing. The kids ask him how did he come in the class. They make fun of Sikandar, on seeing his mentally childish behavior. The dean of the music school Vikram attends everyone in the introduction class. He wants the singers to become huge stars. He promises to make them stars if they have the real talent. Vikram asks them to come ahead and show their talent without wasting a moment if their inner star needs an acknowledgement.

Sikandar tells Vikram that he wants to sing first. Vikram knows him as Sikandar Singh Gill. He asks Sikandar what is he doing here. He finds Sikandar’s behavior weird and gets puzzled. Sikandar aka Bhola sings a sweet song and amazes everyone with his talent. Kulfi doesn’t get deterred and tries to show that she isn’t evil. Vikram has enmity with Sikandar he wants to snatch everything from Sikandar, even his success and happiness. He is happy that Sikandar has become a joker for the world. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets upset without Bhola.

Nandini consoles Pakhi and tells her that Bhola would return in few days. Lovely connects to Nandini and tells her that she is missing her husband, knowing an imposter is living in her house. Nandini guides her to pray for her husband. Sikandar introduces himself as Bhola. Vikram thinks its the best chance to take his revenge on Bhola. Kulfi bags the next chance to sign so that she can stop Sikandar and remind him the past. Like Sikandar has expressed his feelings for her via the song, Kulfi too wants to sing a song to connect with his heart. Sikandar plans to break eggs on her head so that he gets ousted from the camp. He wants to go to Pakhi soon. He doesn’t feel happy without Pakhi. Kulfi sings Sikandar’s song to remind him about his past.

Kulfi’s melodious voice and song stops Sikandar from hitting eggs on her. Everyone gets huge time surprised by her awesome song. Sikandar stops to hear Kulfi’s song, and gets hugely impressed by her talents. She amazes everyone while she attempts to connect to Sikandar’s memories. Sikandar sings with her, while getting a flashes of his memory back. Sikandar and Kulfi get emotional while singing a song. On the other hand, Lovely gets emotional and misses Sikandar. She wants Sikandar back in her life and pins all her hopes on Kulfi. Sikandar recalls Nimrat for a moment and faints down. This shocks Kulfi. Lovely and Nandini get a bad omen and worry for Sikandar.

Kulfi gets Bhola taken for the aid. Nandini and Pakhi rush to meet him and find him fine. Bhola tells Nandini that he fainted suddenly, he had seen some girl in a village. He talks of Nimrat, which delights Kulfi. Bhola assumes that girl to be Nandini. Nandini lies to Bhola. Kulfi is happy that he is regaining his memories. Nandini falls in love with Bhola. She promises to never get away from him. She makes a wish that Bhola always stays with him. She wants to confess love to Bhola. She tells Bhola that Guru ji informed her about him.

Kulfi gets big hopes to have her father back soon. Bhola wants to be with Pakhi and tells her about Kulfi. Pakhi wants him away from Kulfi. Bhola likes her possessiveness. He makes a plan to run away from the camp. Pakhi strongly opposes Kulfi. Lovely decides to meet Bhola. Chandan plans to kill Sikandar at the earliest.


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