Silsila Heart Breaking twists for Mishti and Pari

Silsila Heart Breaking twists for Mishti and Pari

Silsila Heart Breaking twists Mishti doesn’t know where is Ruhaan. She gets to see his messed up stuff and does the packing to assist him. She wants him to succeed in his new work project. Mishti happens to meet him. Ruhaan and Mishti have funny moments. He tells her that he is going for a photo shoot. He thanks her for packing his stuff. He gets upset recalling whatever happened with Veer. He asks Mishti not to miss anything. Mishti teases him and teaches him a lesson when he talks of romance. Ruhaan and Mishti live their lives happily. Sooner, Veer finds a chance to break their happiness. Pari goes to meet Veer. Ruhaan bids farewell to Mishti and tells her that he will come back soon. Mishti wants to tell Radhika about her relationship with Ruhaan.

Radhika tells her that she got to know the person with whom Pari has fallen in love. She reveals about Pari’s love for Ruhaan. She is mistaken that their friendship is love. This comes as a rude shock for Mishti. Pari meets Veer and gets defending Mishti’s decision again. Veer tells Pari about Ruhaan, who is cheating her as Mishti cheated him. Pari can’t believe this big shocking news. She asks Veer if he is joking with her. He tells her that Ruhaan and Mishti love each other and this is the truth. He gets insulting Pari by reminding the past love triangle between Mauli, Kunal and Nandini.

He tells her that Mishti and Pari are in love with the same guy and keeping the family legacy this way. Pari gets hurt by his taunts. Radhika tells Mishti that Pari loves Ruhaan a lot. Radhika confirms that Pari has chosen Ruhaan by asking her out directly. Mishti gets heartbroken knowing Pari has fallen for the same guy, Ruhaan. Radhika feels Pari and Ruhaan look good together. Mishti doesn’t know when did this start in Pari’s heart. Mishti cries by this sorrowful news. She lies to Radhika that she is happy for Pari. She wants Pari to get all the happiness she deserves. Radhika blesses Mishti to find true love as well. She asks Mishti if she has any complains about Pari. Mishti expresses her happiness for Pari.

Radhika wants to announce Pari and Ruhaan’s marriage. Mishti can’t help it, but agree to Radhika. She doesn’t tell Radhika about her relationship with Ruhaan. Pari reprimands Veer to much extent. She goes ahead to slap him. He doesn’t fall prey to her wrath. He asks her to find out the truth if she thinks the truth is something else. He misleads Pari and tells her that Mishti is taking Mauli’s revenge on her by snatching her love.

Pari thinks Veer has lost his mind and turned into a disgusting man. She is happy that Mishti made the right decision of her love and turned down Veer’s alliance. She doesn’t believe him. Veer tells Pari that he has a proof of Mishti and Ruhaan’s affair. Pari doesn’t want to see any evidence against her sister. Pari tells him that he doesn’t have any proof to show up. Veer asks her to see the proof if she has the courage to face the truth. He tells her that Mishti can’t be loyal to anyone. He loses faith in Mishti, who can never keep relations.

He feels Mishti is very selfish. He provokes Pari to confront Mishti and get an answer from her. An emotional love triangle begins. Mishti will be sacrificing her love for Pari’s sake and accept the heart aching pain for life. Pari reveals her love story to Mishti with a hope that Mishti will complete it. Mishti takes the responsibility of securing Pari’s love. Will Mishti convince Ruhaan to accept Pari’s love? Keep reading.


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