Silsila Mishti Pari decide a big sacrifice

Silsila Mishti Pari decide a big sacrifice

Silsila Mishti Pari fall for Ruhaan. Mauli appears as an angelic guide for Mishti. She asks Mishti not to feel guilty knowing about Pari’s love. She feels proud of Mishti, who loves Pari a lot. She is happy that both Mishti and Pari love and respect each other. She asks Mishti to decide about Ruhaan by following her heart. She encourages Mishti and is hopeful that Mishti will have a good future. Mishti feels lost that either of Pari and her will get Ruhaan’s love. She tells Mauli that she doesn’t want to break Pari’s heart, even if Pari loses his love, it will be a punishment for her. She feels her sister’s pain. Mauli asks her to find the right answer which would be somewhere around her.

Mishti feels sorry to come between Pari and Ruhaan. She never knew that Pari and she will fall for the same guy. She didn’t want Pari and her to stand in Mauli and Nandini’s place. She feels bad that Pari won’t be able to handle the truth. Pari hides her tears from Radhika. She tells Radhika that she isn’t upset about anything, she has to talk to Ruhaan. Radhika asks did she fight with Ruhaan. Pari doesn’t reveal the truth and just goes to meet Arnav. Mishti feels shattering. Mauli asks her to ask her heart what to do, which path to follow. Mauli goes back to the heavens, while Mishti feels the need of her guidance. Pari meets Arnav and shatters while disclosing the big truth that Ruhaan and Mishti love each other.

Arnav gets worried for her. She feels she has lost everything. She hates the situation since she never wanted the past to repeat. Mishti doesn’t want the history to repeat itself. She speaks to Ruhaan. He tells her that he can never live without her. He wants to talk to Radhika about their marriage. Mishti doesn’t know what’s happening how will she lie to Ruhaan. Ruhaan turns romantic and expresses his feelings once again. He is happy to take the relationship ahead even if she doesn’t confess love to him. He knows she loves him and wants to wed her. He tells her that they have big responsibilities ahead. Mishti gets worried and cries out.

Ruhaan gets excited thinking Mishti will be soon becoming hi wife. Pari tells Arnav that Veer has shown the picture to her, which clearly depicts Ruhaan and Mishti love each other. Arnav can’t believe this shocking news. Pari cries out her heartache. She doesn’t want Mishti and her to fight for the same guy. She doesn’t want any complications between the sisters. She feels she would have not done this if she knew about Mishti’s feelings. She is unhappy knowing either Mishti or her heart will surely break.

She also feels that Mishti will go through a lot of pain if she sacrifices her love. It becomes a failure situation for both the sisters. Pari decides to make a sacrifice knowing Ruhaan doesn’t love her and it was just a misunderstanding. She doesn’t want to take any chance. She wants to tell Ruhaan to marry Mishti. She wants Mishti’s happiness first. She promises to secure Mishti’s future. She wants Ruhaan and Mishti to get married soon.


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