Yeh Rishta Cute Kairav in Trouble Kartik to meet Naira

Yeh Rishta Cute Kairav in Trouble Kartik to meet Naira

Yeh Rishta Cute Kairav in Trouble 24th June 2019 Kairav plans to run away from his school. He thinks his mum is really clever to send him with the church Father when he wanted to meet his real father by going to Udaipur. He wants to act clever too and makes excuses so that he doesn’t enter the school. He knows that he can’t run away if he enters the school gate. He asks Father to go to the church for the prayers, he will go to the school himself. He feels sorry to lie to Father. He asks the guard to go with Father and pray at the church. Kairav executes his idea and gets free from the guard as well. He leaves from the school and goes to the bus stand. He wants to meet Kartik.

Naira gets stubborn to learn the football game so that she can help Kairav. She misses Kartik and thinks of her promise to become the best mummy for her child. She thinks its time that she keeps her promise and becomes the best mum for Kairav. She feels Kartik isn’t with Kairav and now she has to become Kairav’s father as well. Naira regrets that Kartik isn’t with them. Kairav wants to call Kartik after reaching Udaipur. On the other hand, Vansh reminds Samarth about the Father’s Day event at his school.

Samarth tells him about his work commitments and apologizes for not accompanying him. Kartik asks Samarth to attend the school event and assures to manage all the work on his behalf. Vedika gets happy seeing Kartik’s goodness. Kartik wants Vansh’s happiness.

D’Souza comes to meet Naira to get his phone back. Naira tells her friend that Kairav should have reached school by now. D’Souza tells Naira that he has come with protective gear so that she doesn’t beat him. He asks her to ask Kairav about his phone. Naira doesn’t think Kairav is carrying the phone. Kairav hires an auto to reach the bus station.

He tells the auto driver that he has much money and he is going to meet his dad. The driver agrees to drop him to bus stop. Kartik gets delighted to meet Kartik. He gets two cute paper frogs to gift Kartik when they meet. He thinks its a special day that he will meet his dad. Kartik calls Kairav, but doesn’t get any answer. Meanwhile, Dadi explains Vansh not to go with Kartik. Vansh argues with Dadi and tells her that he will always be with Kartik. Samarth asks Kartik to leave for the meeting soon. Vedika helps Kartik in preparation of his trip. Vansh makes the family smile by his cute talk.

Kairav reaches the bus stop and thanks the auto driver. He doesn’t have much money, but impresses the driver by his innocence. The driver likes his talks and returns the money to him. Kartik asks Suwarna to take care of Vansh until he returns. Kairav and Kartik fail to talk over the phone. Kartik thinks of him while he leaves for Delhi.

Kairav sees the crowd at the bus stop and buys a ticket. He is happy to go to Udaipur. Kairav thinks to call Kartik to inform him. He calls Kartik and wishes him for Father’s day again. Naira reaches the school to participate in the football competition. She isn’t aware that Kairav has run away.

Kartik sees the Goa carnival boards and misses Kairav. Kairav informs him that he is leaving for Udaipur to reach him. He tells Kartik how much he loves him. Kartik gets too worried knowing about Kairav. He forgets the power bank in the car. His phone gets off. He wants to call back Kairav and know about him. He doesn’t want Kairav to fall in danger. Naira waits for Kairav at the school. She wonders where is Kairav. Kairav wants to board the bus, but doesn’t get any entry. Bus conductor asks him to go home, since he can’t travel alone.

A goon watches Kairav and goes to him. He lies that he will take him to his dad. Kairav goes with the goon and falls in trouble. Kartik struggles to call Kairav. He manages to connect and learns about Kairav’s big step. Kartik asks him to go home to his mum. Kairav refuses and tells him that he wants to meet his dad today itself. Kartik realizes that Kairav is in trouble. He asks Kairav to go home, and promises to come to Goa to meet him. Kairav gets too happy when Kartik promises him. Yeh Rishta Cute Kairav plans to unite his parents, Kartik and Naira.


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