Read Upcoming in Yeh Un Dinon Kundali Bhagya and more

Read Upcoming in Yeh Un Dinon Kundali Bhagya and more

Upcoming in Yeh Un Dinon Kundali Bhagya Preeta makes the goon smell chloroform and brings him to their house. The goon asks them to free his hands and says if his hands are free then he will beat them. Sarla asks Preeta to untie his hands. Preeti asks Shristi to free his hands and says he shall not tell later that he was badly beaten by the ladies as he was tied. Sherlyn’s mother finds Prithvi and Sherlyn hugging each other in Luthra house and is about to slap her daughter, but Prithvi holds her hand. Dadi comes and asks what is happening here? Prithvi cooks up another lie.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: The suspicious neighboring ladies decide to find out if Naina is pregnant. Sameer does his first portfolio shoot after getting his make up done. The ladies come to meet Naina and ask about her husband. Preeti lies to them and shows the picture of the guy whom Nirmala has chosen for Tanvi for marriage. Vandita sees the picture and asks if he is Naina’s husband. Preeti says yes. Naina gets tensed about another new lie.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Suman comes home in her car. Her cousins throw flower petals on her and say Suman didi came. Pujan Pandey, his wife Rukmani and others are happy to see Suman. Suman laughs. Pujan Pandey sees sindoor in her hairline and asks about it. Suman’s Chachi says it seems to be like Sindoor. Suman gets tensed and makes an excuse for clearing their doubts. Pujan Pandey calls the groom family for Suman’s alliance.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Chitra asks Nilambari if she will just sit or will take Vaidehi out of the temple. Nilambari feigns to be unwell and tells Madhav that she wants to meet Vaidehi right now. Madhav asks Vaidehi not to make him angry and come with her. Vaidehi is tensed and still standing in the temple. Chitra smirks and waits for Vaidehi to come out of temple so that she can enter her.

Ek Thi Rani: Rani suggests everyone to keep Rivaaj locked in a room so that he doesn’t harm himself. Shivraj and Premlatha ask Rivaaj to be in his room. Rivaaj gets angry on Rani. Rukmani tells Dadi about her pregnancy and says she can’t tell at home. Dadi asks her to concentrate on the baby. Dadi teases Shivraj thinking Premlatha is pregnant. Shivraj says maybe Rukmani. They laugh happily. Rivaaj gets upset seeing Rani and Raghav romance while having food. Rani brings Doctor to see Rivaaj and tells him about his acting. Rivaaj stops Doctor from putting eye drops in his eyes and threatens him. Rani tells Rivaaj that whatever happened today is just a trailer and says even I know that you are not blind and says her life’s motive is to make him blind and not to prove that he is feigning blindness.

Shakti: Harman asks Preeto to stop Soumya and asks her not to let her go. He tells that he felt that Soumya came to him and made him drink water. Preeto says Nurse must have made you drink water. She asks says how can Soumya come here, she doesn’t care about you. Harman is sure that Soumya made him drink water. Soumya comes to Bansal’s house and gives Prasad to Vedant. Vedant asks for what? Soumya says she went to the temple and asked for a mannat for someone’s safety. Vedant asks her to tell straight that she went to pray for Harman. She thinks she is having sympathy for Harman in her heart and thinks to find out what is the relation between them.

Raja Beta: Purva is upset with Pankhudi and Vedant for not helping her. She doubts her intentions. Vedant comes and checks Purva’s pulse. Purva tells that she knows that these are not visiting hours, but she wants to ask a question from her husband. She asks if he loves her? Vedant asks what question is she asking if she doesn’t know. He asks her to rest. Purva asks him if he loves her then why doesn’t he agree to help her and end the distance between them. Vedant refuses to leave her ethics.


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