Zee Serials Super Top 2 Upcoming 26th June 2019

Zee5 Toothbrush thrilling tale Loss of love

Zee Serials Super Top 2 Upcoming Highlights 26th June 2019 Kumkum Bhagya Pragya wants to hide everything from Abhi. She doesn’t want Abhi to learn about Disha and her. Pragya learns that Abhi has come to meet Disha at her house. She gets to see him and hides from his sight. Abhi wants to meet Disha once. Disha meets Abhi and gets emotional. She hugs him. She wants to unite Abhi and Pragya. Abhi gets to see the guests list and finds Pragya’s name. He thinks Pragya was also present in the function and he didn’t see her even once. He realizes that Pragya is also in the citu. He doesn’t know that Rhea is getting close to her own mum Pragya.

Rhea feels Prachi is lucky to get a mum like Pragya. She feels motherly love in Pragya’s heart. She is happy to meet Pragya and get her love. She was longing for a mother’s love for long. Rhea wishes that she also had a mum like Pragya. Prachi is happy seeing Rhea’s genuine concern for Pragya. Rhea and Prachi’s little fights go on. Pragya wants Disha to stay with her. She doesn’t want Disha to tell Abhi about her. She wants to keep her promise to Abhi and never return in his life.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sarla spots the kidnapper who had kept Preeta and her captive. Shrishti and Preeta help Sarla and want to handle the kidnapper. Preeta doesn’t want the kidnapper to hurt anyone. Sarla disappears and tricks the kidnapper. Preeta finds the kidnapper and gets her rage on him. She kidnaps the goon by fainting him and wants to bash him up. Preeta and Shrishti want to teach him a lesson. Shrishti too gets furious. Preeta protects her family.

Sherlyn hugs Prithvi. They have a romantic moment. Sanjana finds them having a close moment and goes to slap Sherlyn. Prithvi stops her. Sherlyn shows her true colors, since she always loved Prithvi. Preeta wants to show women power to the kidnapper. Preeta and women thrash the kidnapper and want to know who is the person behind their kidnapper. Sherlyn had warned the kidnapper against taking her name. Keep reading for Zee Serials Super Top shows news.


  1. ZeeTV, please stop segregating your spoilers to just these 2 !!! ? there are other serials on ZeeTV that are just as important and viewers watch from all across the globe ? in particular, Ishq Subhan Allah is a very popular Muslim drama watched in the American region and loved by many in our Muslim community, therefore please take a moment to evaluate and not segregate your content to just the top 2, thank you.


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