Watch Mohabbatein Raman’s death promo More Spoilers

Ye Hai Mohabbatein StarPlus Karwachauth shockers

Watch Mohabbatein Raman’s death promo 26th June 2019 Simmi and Mihika take love tests of Karan and Yug. They want to get Karan-Ruhi and Yug-Aaliya married if the guys pass all the love tests to prove their unconditional and selfless love. Bhallas get happy when Karan and Yug prove their true love. Simmi and Mihika talk to Raman and Ishita about fixing the two marriages in the family. Ishita gets content seeing Aaliya and Ruhi ready to settle down. Raman flies to Mumbai for an urgent meeting, while Bhallas conduct Aaliya and Yug’s wedding.

Yug marries Aaliya and celebrates his happiness with the family. Everyone stays happy until they get the shocking news of the flight crash. Karan gives the shock to the Bhalla family by revealing that Raman was travelling in the same flight. Ishita has a belief that nothing can happen to Raman. She learns that none of the passengers survived in the crash. Her belief gets tested. The family can’t believe Raman’s death that he left them forever.

Kumkum Bhagya: Rhea comes home and is angry with Prachi over her fall. Disha asks Pragya about what is going on in her life. Pragya refuses to talk to her. Abhi comes to Prachi’s house and asks Shahana if Disha is here. Shahana says she is inside and says she will call. Disha and Pragya are coming out of the room, Pragya sees Abhi standing and hides behind the door. Abhi looks at Disha. Disha meets Abhi but doesn’t tell her about Pragya. Pragya gets tensed seeing Abhi in her house.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Sampada gets Moksh admitted in the baby care center and asks them not to let Kalyani meet him, showing her picture. The staff lady finds hard to make Moksh stop crying and scolds him asking him to open his mouth to drink milk. Kalyani comes there and scolds the lady for shouting at her son. The Manager comes and says this is the same girl whose picture Sampada had sent and asked us not to let her roam around Moksh. Watchman throws her out of the baby care center and asks her not to come. The staff lady tells the Manager that she can’t handle the baby. Moksh is crying non-stop. Kalyani comes there in disguise and changed accent, says she can handle the baby. The lady gives her Moksh and he becomes quiet. Kalyani gets the job to handle Moksh and other kids in baby care.

Jhansi Ki Rani: Ross rejoices with Robb who is alive and tells that now he is dead in front of everyone so he will make arrangements to send him to London. They recall how Robb got saved and Ross had planned to announce his death and make Gangadhar and Manu worried about the girl (Manjiri). Robb refuses to go to England until he settles scores with Manjiri. He says that girl attacked me, I will kill her. He stares a sharp knife in his hand. Gangadhar asks Manu to keep Manjiri safely with her. Manu says Manjiri is her responsibility and she will stay in her room with her. Later in the night, someone comes and kidnaps Manjiri while the latter is sleeping on Manu’s bed beside her. Manu wakes up after some time and looks for Manjiri. Manjiri is taken somewhere.


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