Read Upcoming Un Dinon Sufiyana Rishta 27th June 2019

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Read Upcoming Un Dinon Sufiyana Rishta 27th June 2019 Naina and Sameer meet the new guy Raghav in her life. Raghav apologizes to Naina and tells her that he will never leave her now. He tells Sameer that he is Naina’s husband. Sameer gets a shock and tells him that he is Naina’s husband. He asks Naina why did Raghav come between them. Naina and Rakesh really wanted to thrash Raghav. Raghav lies to them. Naina also keeps the same lie and gets scolded by Rakesh and Sameer.

Rakesh asks Naina to be true. He says we are getting to see many lies, people doubt on her character because of such lies. Naina asks Sameer to scold her, but not doubt on her. Raghav tells Sameer that he lied to the society that Naina is his wife to save his job, and Naina helped him. Sameer asks Naina how could she play someone’s wife, was she helpless to do this. He questions Naina. She explains the situational lie told to the people.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani beats up Malhar after taking a disguise. He identifies her and flirts with her. She loses her cool and shouts on him. She day dreams of venting her anger on him. She keeps her drama to have her job at the day care centre. She is doing the job to look after Moksh. Malhar asks the manager to fire her. He tells her that she isn’t suitable for the job.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:Miyajaan gets much upset after Saltanat breaks Kainat and Zaroon’s marriage. Saltanat confesses her love for Zaroon in the most unusual and unexpected way. Miyajaan punishes Zaroon and Saltanat for their love. He declares his decision and ousts Zaroon from the house. Zaroon was happy that Saltanat accepted his love. He gets this new trouble because of Kainat. Saltanat accepts that she loves Zaroon and she won’t break his heart. Zaroon has broken his promise to Miyajaan and also the faith. Zaroon feels helpless. Mamoon gets angry on Zaroon’s move to lose the heirship for his love. Miyajaan knows that Zaroon’s presence will hurt Kainat’s heart. He wants Zaroon to get away and not freshen Kainat’s wounds. Zaroon gets Saltanat’s support.

Pyaar Ke Papad: Omkar and GST are trying hard to expose Alankar. They don’t want to risk Dolly’s life again. Alankar doesn’t get trapped by them. He keeps an eye on them. Omkar follows Alankar and thinks the same woman attacked Dolly. They don’t know that Alankar is in woman’s disguise. GST asks Omkar why is the woman troubling them, who is she and why is she harming them. Omkar feels Alankar has hired the woman to trouble them. Alankar wants to make Omkar tired up of the search. He plays his mean avatar.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Kairav start meeting often. Naira doesn’t know about them. Kartik stays back in Goa for some days. He thinks to meet Kairav’s mum and share about their meetings. Naira doesn’t know about Kartik. They have a hit and miss. Kartik knows Kairav loves him a lot. Kairav shouts for his dad and misses him. Naira gets angry on him. She wants to know who is the strange faking to be Kairav’s dad. She decides to meet the fake dad. She senses Kartik’s presence in her house, but doesn’t believe it. She tells Kairav that she will meet his dad and know the truth. She wants to stop the stranger from giving false hopes to Kairav. Naira imagines Kartik and Kairav’s union moment.


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