Star Plus Mega 3 Upcoming Hits 28th June 2019

Star Plus Read Friday's Top 2 Upcomings

Star Plus Mega 3 Upcoming Hits 28th June 2019 Sonakshi gives a commendable speech, which impresses Rohit and everyone around. Rohit didn’t expect her to be sensible and wise. Everyone is happy and likes Sonakshi. She heads to get ready for the party. Rohit feels Sonakshi has insulted her by calling him arrogant. Yash asks Rohit to call her for the party. Sonakshi gets decked up and looks pretty. Rohit goes to her and gets mesmerized. She asks him to compliment her than just staring. He asks her how can she insult him. She asks if he is the doctor who spoke bad about her. She asks why did he speak ill when he doesn’t know her personally. He tells her that he knows her well now.

Sonakshi and Rohit have an argument. Veena stops Rohit from misbehaving and makes him apologize to Sonakshi. She asks Rohit to arrive in the party with Sonakshi only. Rohit and Sonakshi meet the guests in the party. Sonakshi is happy to meet everyone in his family. She tells him that she knows everything about them, since they are always in the news. She impresses everyone. Rohit feels she has done good drama and fooling his drama. Sonakshi gets Preeti’s call. She promises to meet Preeti.

She tells Preeti that she is in the same hospital. She goes to bid farewell to Rohit and family. Rohit asks his family not to like Sonakshi so much, its just her drama and she is faking everything. Sonakshi gets hurt hearing him. She takes his class and asks him if he doesn’t know a person’s feelings. She asks Rohit to learn from his family, who are really good people. She wants to teach him a lesson. She goes to meet Preeti, but Rohit stops her. Rohit asks Sonakshi not to meet Preeti in odd hours.

She requests a lot, and just gets to see Preeti. She gets a huge shock seeing her ex-boyfriend. She is disturbed and doesn’t go home. Suman informs Rohit that Sonakshi is missing. Rohit feels if Sonakshi is disturbed by his misbehavior. He takes the responsibility to find Sonakshi and get her home.

Star Plus Mega 3 Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Kuhu and Kunal arrive in Shweta’s birthday party. Kuhu lies to him that they have come to have coffee at the place. She tells him about a surprise. He tells her that he doesn’t like surprises. She assures to not call him for any surprises again and keeps his word. He feels she is much different than Mishti, she is actually better than Mishti. He meets his friends and gets happy. Shweta arrives there and shocks him. Kunal asks Kuhu what is Shweta doing in the party.

Kuhu tells him that its Shweta’s birthday party. Kunal can’t believe this. Shweta tells Kuhu that she forgot to tell her that she is Kunal’s ex girlfriend. This shocks Kuhu. Kuhu apologizes to Kunal. Abir and Mishti arrive there to take Kunal with them. Abir tells Kuhu that Kunal used to date Shweta last year and then Shweta cheated him. Kunal gets upset and leaves from there. Mishti scolds Shweta for creating a misunderstanding between Kuhu and Kunal. Shweta thinks Mishti is foolish and doesn’t know her entire plan. Mishti tells her that Kuhu and Kunal’s bonding is strong.

Shweta spills some drink on Mishti’s dress and sends her to the washroom. Shweta wants to make Abir and Kunal against each other by using Mishti. She sends her friends to trouble Mishti. She gets happy. Kuhu gets angry on Shweta. Abir asks Kuhu to relax and trust Kunal. She asks him how serious was Kunal for Shweta. Abir tells Kuhu that Kunal and Shweta got engaged and then broke up. Kuhu feels worried and thinks her change to get Kunal’s love got low since Shweta has come back. Abir tells her that Kunal likes her, he will never accept Shweta now.

He asks Kuhu to apologize to Kunal and tell him that Shweta tricked him. Kuhu rushes to explain Kunal. Abir learns that some guys are troubling Mishti. He runs to save Mishti. Mishti and Abir fight the bad guys and make them run. Mishti hugs Abir and tells him how scared she was. Shweta clicks their picture to send to Kunal. Kuhu apologizes to Kunal and clarifies herself. Kunal tells her that he knows her and Shweta as well. He believes Kuhu. He gets the shocking picture of Abir and Mishti’s moment.

Shweta provokes him. Kunal goes to check on Abir. He knows Abir can’t date Mishti. He goes home and thinks to talk to Abir. Meenakshi asks Parul not to be upset with her and just support her. Parul cries that she has no rights on Kunal. She wants to know why did Shweta come back. Meenakshi tells her that Mishti is bringing Kuhu and Kunal closer, so she has got Shweta back to make Kuhu away. Parul agrees to help Meenakshi. Shweta sends the picture of Abir and Mishti to Meenakshi. Meenakshi can’t believe that Mishti has targeted Abir. She forwards the picture to Vishwamber to insult Mishti and family. Kunal finds Abir and Mishti together. He gets disappointed with Abir.

Star Plus Mega 3 Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji: Rocky realizes that Happy has saved his life. He thinks where is Happy, why is she away when she is alive. He thinks how will he find Happy. Honey feels unwell. He gets hurt by the explosives instilled in his body. He isn’t aware of the danger. Happy prays for Rocky’s recovery. Rocky asks the doctor about the girl who dropped him to the hospital. He learns that the girl didn’t fill any form. He wants to check CCTV footage. He tells the doctor that he can get the special permission to access the security. Harleen asks him to take rest first. Rocky asks her to mind her own business.

Rocky gets to see Happy in the footage and gets restless. He recalls Happy and thinks she is RJ Khushi. He realizes that Khushi has been guiding him via her radio show. She wants to go and meet Khushi. Honey’s status is known to the terrorists who want to kidnap him. Sandhya and Happy file the police complaint against Kabir and get police security. She is scared that Sandhya would get attacked again.

Rocky reaches the radio station to meet Happy. Happy sees him and asks the staff to keep Rocky away. Rocky hears her live on the radio. He shows his ID card and barges inside the cabin to meet Happy. Honey feels scared and wants his dad. He tells Madhu that he is much in pain. Madhu thinks to call a doctor. The terrorists want to take Honey with them, before Honey blasts. Rocky and Happy come face-to-face. Honey gets kidnapped.



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