Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Plane Crash twist for IshRa

Raman entry starts chaos Soul of Ishra back in Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Plane Crash twist for IshRa 28th June 2019 Raman is happy to see Bhallas celebrating in a cheerful mood. Ishita asks him about his project. He doesn’t tell her much about it. She wants to know when will he come back. He tells her that there is a problem and he needs to go to Mumbai to sort the mess, else it will be a big loss for him, the company and their staff too. He wants to solve the problem and come back soon. Ishita asks him not to go on the day of Aaliya’s wedding. He tells her that he always counted on her when it comes to his family, and even this time he is sure that she will manage everything alone. He wants her to talk to Aaliya and convince her too, so that he can go for his project.

He tells her that he doesn’t want a loss for his employees, he is doing this for Yug and Aaliya, he wants Yug to lead the project after the marriage, he wants to gift the project to Yug as a wedding gift. Ishita gets convinced by Raman. She asks him to talk to Aaliya once. Raman and Ishita tell Aaliya that he will quickly finish his project and come back, since he has to secure others’ future and happiness too. He asks Aaliya to let him go for saving jobs of many people. Aaliya gets upset, but agrees to him. She permits him to go. He tells her that one has to choose others’ happiness before oneself. He wants Aaliya to remember her teachings given by Ishita.

Raman gives his best wishes for Aaliya’s wedding. Raman’s new enemy sends his aide to follow him. Ishita feels restless. She talks to Raman on a video call and asks him to come home right away, she is feeling restless. Raman tells her that he will return home if she wants but as he said before, he is going for the welfare of the company. She asks him to finish work and come soon. He shows her a bracelet he has bought for her. He promises to come home soon. Ruhi gets panicking when she loses Aaliya’s bangles gifted by Yug.

She tells Karan that she has kept the bangles somewhere and now she has lost it. Karan asks her not to worry and he will find the bangles. He wonders where will he find the bangles. He asks Yug about the bangles, so that he can buy the same ones. Yug asks Karan why does he want to buy artificial bangles when he can buy gold jewellery for Ruhi. Karan arranges the same bangles and covers it up for Ruhi’s mistake. Ruhi thinks to apologize to Aaliya. Karan gets the bangles and gives to Ishita. Aaliya tells Karan that this isn’t her bangles.

Ruhi realizes that Karan has arranged the new bangles for her. Shagun tells Aaliya that she had kept the bangles and hands it over. Aaliya tells them that Yug gifted her artificial stone bangles but she values it a well. Shagun also gifts her diamond bangles. Ishita tells Aaliya that even Shagun got the real diamond bangles, which means Yug’s bangles are missing. Aaliya asks Ishita to find the same bangles. She values Yug’s feelings and refuses to accept the diamond bangles brought by Shagun and Karan. Aaliya is happy that everyone loves her so much and can do anything for her smile. Ishita gets the shocking news of Raman’s flight crash. How will she deal with this shock? Keep reading.


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