Yeh Rishta Tonight Huge Shocker for Naira

YRKKH Naira's message to leave Kartik stunned

Yeh Rishta Tonight Huge Shocker for Naira 28th June 2019 Naira takes care of Kairav. He wakes up and looks for Kartik. He shouts to his dad. Naira asks him did he meet his dad, who dropped him home. Kairav tells him that his dad came for him on his one call and came home. Naira tells him that his dad isn’t here, he shouldn’t talk to strangers. She gets angry on him for his disobedience and carelessness. She tells him how worried she was for him. She asks him does he not love her. Kairav wants to meet Kartik. He is sure that Kartik is her dad. He tells Naira that he has seen the pink sky and rainbow when he meet his dad. She gets confused hearing him.

She asks him to rest in his room. She picks Kartik’s jacket and feels the same perfume essence. She feels this can’t be possible that Kartik met their son. Kartik rushes to the hotel and meets Dadi and Vedika. He finds Vedika unwell. Dadi asks Kartik to be with Vedika and take care of her. Kartik wants to arrange a doctor for Vedika. He goes to the reception to arrange a doctor. Dadi tells Vedika that Kartik worries for her and he will support her in the exhibition too. Vedika gets happy. Kairav stays upset with Naira.

She explains him how much she loves him. She tells him that she was scared of losing him. He asks her to meet his dad once. She agrees for his sake. He asks her to take him to his dad. She agrees to his request. She gets emotional. Kartik too wants to meet Kairav and his mum. He thinks to help Vedika in her work first. Naira tells her friend that she will file the complaint against that stranger, who has provoked Kairav to run from the school by giving a false hope. She wants to talk to Kartik first. Kartik does the arrangements of the art exhibition and asks Vedika to take rest. Vedika likes Kartik’s helpful gesture.

Kartik asks Dadi and Vedika to have food. Dadi sees Kartik and Vedika bonding. Naira calls him up, while he is with Dadi. He doesn’t answer her call. Naira doesn’t know how to connect with him. He informs him by a text that she is Kairav’s mum, she needs to talk to him. Kartik gets worried and replies that he can’t talk right now. Dadi doesn’t want him to get busy on calls. Naira scolds him for instigating her child. Kartik and Naira chat and fight. They both get upset on each other. They decide to meet for a serious talk.

Naira wants to beat him and teach him a lesson. Naira’s friend asks her not to fight with the stranger and meet him well. Kartik wants to clear the misunderstandings. He wants to tell Naira how he met Kairav and developed the bonding. Naira doesn’t want to forgive the stranger. Naira dreams of Kartik and Kairav’s meet. She gets worried by her sudden dream and thinks what’s the truth.

She thinks Kartik can never come in their lives. She gets emotional that her dream won’t come true. She looks ahead to the exhibition where she can put up a stall to earn money. She thinks to meet Kairav’s fake dad. Naira and Kartik will meet in the exhibition. Naira will get a huge shock on seeing him with Vedika, and getting mistaken that Vedika is his second wife. She feels Kartik has moved on in life and she shouldn’t return in his life ever.


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