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Colors Top 4 Shows Upcoming highlights 2nd July 2019 Jhansi Ki Rani: Ross asks the Servant why he returned so early and asked about his visit to the Dargah. The servant tells that they didn’t go to the Dargah. The truck was taken somewhere else. Ross’ doubt is cleared and he asks Robb to go and kill her. Gangadhar appreciates Manu’s wits to send Manjiri out of the palace. Manjiri and Shiva get married and are about to take Raj guru’s blessings as he solemnized their wedding when Robb comes there and says I have come to complete the marriage. He shoots at Shiva’s forehead shattering Manjiri. Manjiri runs from there and comes to Manu who is training the women team. Manu gets shocked to see Manjiri there. Manjiri tells her that Robb killed her husband. She became a widow once again.

Manu looks at Robb and beats him angrily with the hunter. She throws kerosene oil and lights the match stick to kill Robb. Rani Laxmi Maa faces a big shock when Gangadhar dies by the Britishers’ hands. She cries for Gangadhar. She gives birth to her child. She protects her son from the Britishers. She wants the innocent child to save saved. He is the heir of the kingdom. He falls ill. Raj Vaidya gets to check her son Damodar. She rebels against the Britishers. She fights the Britishers to protect her Jhansi. Jhansi ki Rani will prove her bravery. She dies in the battle after achieving victory for her country.

Aditya finds Alia lying on the railway track. Sabrina wants to kill Alia. Alia knows the evil truth of Sabrina. Aditya asks Alia to get up. He finds her not responding. Sabrina doesn’t want Ali to expose her. Sabrina has hypnotized Alia. Aditya lifts Alia and moves her off the train track. A stranger saves Aditya and Alia’s lives in the nick of time. The stranger is Sabrina in disguise. She saves Alia when she sees Vish mark on Aditya. Aditya’s revelation will bring new twists.


Gathbandhan: Dhanak takes Raghu, Maai and Laxmi to the court. The van breaks down on the way. Laxmi runs from the van. Dhanak warns Laxmi to stop, else she will shoot. Maai makes Dhanak get a jerk. Dhanak shoots Laxmi at her leg, but due to the jerk, the bullet gets shot at Laxmi’s chest. Laxmi dies on the spot. Maai tells Dhanak that Laxmi isn’t alive to testify against her in the court. She gets happy that there isn’t any witness against her. Maai plays the dirty game.

Shakti: Vedant gets a liking for Soumya and tries to get close to her to make Harman jealous. Harman couldn’t bear to see Vedant holding Soumya’s hand. He calls Soumya and tells her that they can’t live together, but they can die together. They aim the gun at each other. Harman tells her that they shall die seeing each other smiling faces.


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