KKB Amyra shocks to ruin Kulfi’s birthday celebrations

KKB Amyra shocks to ruin Kulfi's birthday celebrations

KKB Amyra shocks to ruin Kulfi’s birthday celebrations 2nd July 2019 Amyra feels Sikandar means nothing to her, he isn’t her dad and that’s why he couldn’t love her. She is angry that Lovely also lied to her about her dad. Kulfi tries to convince Amyra and tells her that she loves her a lot. Amyra asks Kulfi why does she love her. Kulfi tells her that they are sisters. Amyra tells her that they are fools, elders lie to them and always hurt them. Kulfi asks her to see good in everything. Amyra doesn’t listen to her. Sikandar turns up at Nandini and Pakhi’s place to surprise Pakhi. He feels he won’t be able to face them. He realizes that Nandini has finally got her happiness back in the form of her husband Adarsh.

Nandini and Adarsh tell him how they got separated by a misunderstanding. They unite for Pakhi’s sake. Sikandar tells them that he just came to meet Pakhi. He wanted to thank Nandini for saving his life. Nandini knows Pakhi loves Bhola. She lies to Sikandar that Pakhi isn’t at home. Pakhi misses Bhola a lot and sheds tears. Sikandar gives his love for Pakhi and makes a leave. Adarsh doubts on Nandini once again. Nandini and Pakhi stay scared of Adarsh. Nandini hides her pain from Sikandar. Amyra gets Tevar’s picture with Kulfi. She ruins the frame and goes before Kulfi sees her. Kulfi likes the amazing dress Sikandar ordered for her.

She is Sikandar’s angel. She wants to look like an angel on her birthday. Lovely organizes a great party for Kulfi. She invites Kulfi’s friends in the party and surprises her. Kulfi can’t believe the celebrations. She tells Sikandar that she is feeling so excited. Sikandar tells her that she will soon get a cake. She gets delighted to meet her friends. Kulfi dances with her family and friends. Amyra stays away from Kulfi’s birthday celebrations. Sikandar feels sorry that Kulfi longed for him since many years. He apologizes to her for doing injustice with her. Kulfi is happy to get her family back. Sikandar showers many gifts and surprises Kulfi. Sikandar renders an emotional speech for Kulfi. He promises to always support him.

Amyra feels she has lost Sikandar completely. Sikandar wants to teach Kulfi everything about music, since she has a bright future as a singer. He feels she is blessed with a golden voice just like her. He also wants to educate her. He promises to not make her lack anything in her life. Kulfi asks him not to cry, since he is the biggest gift for her. Amyra expresses her anger and spoils the party. She criticizes Sikandar. She accepts the truth that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Sikandar knows it won’t be easy to explain Amyra.

Sikandar sings a song to connect to Amyra and convince her. He tells her that he loves both of them equally. Kulfi thanks Sikandar for giving her everything. She cuts the cake and shares it with everyone. Amyra doesn’t calm down. She feels Kulfi has snatched even Lovely from her. Amyra smears the cake on Kulfi’s face. She then angrily smashes the cake all over Kulfi’s face.

Sikandar and Lovely get a huge shock with Amyra’s misbehavior. Amyra gets angry on Sikandar. He apologizes to her and asks her the reason for such a bad reaction. Amyra expresses the truth that she isn’t Sikandar’s daughter. Lovely and Sikandar feel shattered when Amyra condemns them as her parents, accepting only Tevar as her father. Amyra just wants Tevar back. She refuses to accept Sikandar as her dad. Lovely fears on knowing Amyra’s decision to leave their house.


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