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Kahaan Hum Today Highlights Murder mystery twist

Read Star Plus Upcoming Today 2nd July 2019 Kabir saves Jhanvi’s life from PK. He gets a big shock on seeing PK falling down the cliff. PK’s accident breaks the entire famuly, who witness everything. Jhanvi gets happy that her revenge got fulfilled. She goes home and does a Tandav while recalling her life’s bitter journey. Kabir learns about someone’s body recovered from the lake. He gets hopeful knowing the man is still alive. He gets crying for PK when he doesn’t find him, the man is someone else. Kabir and Dhruv get angry on Jhanvi. Dhruv asks Kabir how did PK fall down the cliff. He loses his cool when Jhanvi sends the sweets to them and invites them in PK’s mourning ceremony.

Dhruv tells Kabir that he will go and meet Jhanvi. Kabir stops him from going to Jhanvi. Jhanvi informs Amma about PK’s death. She asks about Ishani. She gets emotional about her sister. She tells Amma that PK’s mourning ceremony will get media coverage. She reveals to the media that she is actually Pooja Sharma, not Jhanvi Mittal. She clears the name of her father, who suffered and died because of PK. She tells the media that PK should have answered his family and media, but maybe he lost courage and committed a suicide. She ruins PK’s name in front of the media.

Kabir tells Dhruv that they are in weak state and can’t do anything against Jhanvi. Kabir wants to get an answer from Jhanvi for her evil. He faces big humiliation from Jhanvi. He challenges her that he will come back and win his family’s prestige. He wants to defeat Jhanvi.

Suman troubles Sippy family and wants Sonakshi back. She holds Sippy family responsible for Sonakshi’s disappearance. She accuses Rohit and complains to police. Rohit tells Suman that he had asked Sonakshi to leave, but she didn’t listen at all. He proves that he isn’t responsible for Sonakshi’s absence. He promises to find Sonakshi. Nishi tries to calm down Suman so that the drama ends. Suman raises the drama. She pledges to not leave them if anything happens to Sonakshi. Rohit checks the camera footage to know about Sonakshi. He wonders why did Sonakshi switch off her phone. Entire family waits at the hospital for Sonakshi.

When Sonakshi reaches back at the hospital, she finds her family with Sippy family. Rohit questions her responsibility and scolds her for troubling them so much. Sonakshi comes up with excuses first and hides the matter about her ex Karan. She tells them that she has gone to meet the chawl people and found new inspiration. She taunts Rohit again. They have a heated argument. Rohit’s dad stops him from dragging the matter.

Sonakshi meets Preeti by seeking Rohit’s permission. She learns that Rohit is Preeti’s doctor. Preeti introduces Rohit and Sonakshi to each other. Pulkit finds Rohit’s work commendable and applauds him. He idolizes Rohit. Rohit finds Pulkit wearing his watch and demands him to return it.

Sonakshi and Suman get into a big row with Rohit. They don’t return the watch and call Rohit mad. Sonakshi is angry that Rohit called her a thief. Rohit tries to explain that his watch got stolen and he has bought a new one of the same brand and model. He asks Sonakshi to at least tell him where she found his watch. Sonakshi tells him that she isn’t a poor woman, she earns well and can afford such costly things. She then tells him that she has received the watch as a gift. Rohit has many memories with the watch and wants it back, but Sonakshi doesn’t accept his demand.


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