Kulfi Kumar Mia doubles the twists for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Mia doubles the twists for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Mia doubles the twists for Sikandar 4th July 2019 Kulfi explains Amyra that Sikandar loves her a lot. She shows Sikandar and Amyra’s picture. Amyra doesn’t listen to her. Kulfi doesn’t stop convincing her. She asks the entire family to tell Amyra how much they love her. Amyra doesn’t listen to anyone. Sikandar begs Amyra to accept him, else he will die. He tells her that he isn’t her father, but he gave her an identity of his daughter, she will always remain his daughter. He asks Amyra to not let any truth come between their relation. He renders an emotional speech to explain her. Amyra turns away and doesn’t listen to him. She doesn’t pay heed to him and his big talks.

Sikandar gets disappointed that she isn’t understanding his love. He rushes after her to stop her. Bebe asks him not to beg and cry more, he shouldn’t run after Amyra to always bear her tantrums and anger, which are just meaningless. She doesn’t want Amyra to snatch Kulfi’s rights by playing more emotional cards. She tells Sikandar that Amyra has to compromise and understand the situation rather than bossing around Kulfi like always. She asks Sikandar to leave Amyra on her own and give her some time to think of her life.

This surprises Sikandar and Lovely. Lovely can’t leave Amyra alone. She goes to explain Amyra that Kulfi isn’t wrong and even Sikandar is right on his front. Sikandar sheds tears of sorrow. Amyra asks Lovely to go back to Kulfi. Lovely doesn’t want to leave her daughter in pain. Amyra keeps her conditions and asks Lovely to make Kulfi away. Sikandar regrets to do wrong with Nimrat. He tells Kulfi that he has been unjust towards Nimrat and Kulfi, and that’s why this is happening with him. He loves Amyra and Kulfi equally. He wants both of them with him so that he can live happy.

Kulfi pacifies him and asks him to focus on convincing Amyra. She asks him to think as if this is some problem and deal with it. Sikandar thinks how to convince Amyra. Mia meets Sikandar and tells him that she has come with a big offer for Kulfi, which will make her a big star. Sikandar tells Mia that he didn’t decide anything yet. Mia applauds Kulfi and her friends. She asks Sikandar to help her in launching Kulfi and her friends. She tells him that Kulfi has much talent. Sikandar agrees to her offer and asks her to launch Amyra and Kulfi together. He doesn’t want Amyra to feel insecure and lacking again.

Mia jumps at the request and thinks Amyra and Kulfi’s cat fights will raise the TRP of her channel. She tells him that she will have a press conference to announce the new launch. Sikandar wants to tell the world that Kulfi is his own daughter. Sikandar and Mia make a deal. Amyra witnesses their talks and gets mistaken. She hears Sikandar planning Kulfi’s launch and giving her a new identity. She gets angry on Sikandar. She tells him that he is a big liar. He attempts to clear her mind. She refuses to hear him.

She demands Sikandar and Lovely’s love. Kulfi gets scared seeing Amyra’s anger. She feels Sikandar will get away from her again. He consoles her and asks her to give some time to him, so that he can fix things. He promises to live with her all their lives. She asks him to come to wake her up in the morning. She wants to see his face first in the morning. Sikandar promises her and puts her to sleep. Amyra wants to bring hurdles between Sikandar and Kulfi.


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