Naira’s unexpected decision for Kairav in Yeh Rishta

YRKKH Naira's message to leave Kartik stunned

Naira’s unexpected decision for Kairav in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2019 Kartik and Kairav spend much time together. Kartik asks Kairav about his mum. He waits for Naira. He feels he should leave since its getting late. Kairav tells him that he doesn’t know where did his mum go. He asks Kartik not to go. Kartik makes an excuse that he has to go for important work. Naira gets emotional seeing them. She wants to come to them. Kartik asks Kairav to call his mum. He calls Naira and finds her phone at home. Naira hides from them. Kairav tells him that Naira left the phone at home so that he can message him. Kartik tells him that he has to leave now. He gets Vedika’s message. Vedika informs him about Dadi’s enquiry. Kairav gets sad.

Kartik cheers him and takes selfies with Kairav. Naira happens to see them and gets captured in the selfie. Dadi tells Suwarna that Kartik and Vedika decided to just stay as friends, they don’t want to marry. Suwarna asks Dadi not to compel Kartik and just wish for his happiness. Dadi is hopeful since friendship can turn into love. She wishes that Kartik settles in his life. Suwarna wants to support Kartik in his every decision. Dadi finds a new hope and prays for Kartik’s marriage. Kartik turns emotional to bid bye to Kairav.

Naira’s friend tells him that she doesn’t know about Naira. He apologizes and promises to not interfere in their lives before. Naira wants to stop him from leaving forever. She gets into two minds and realizes that maybe Kartik won’t accept Kairav as his child. Kairav is happy that Kartik came on his call. Naira goes after Kartik while he leaves. She knows Kartik is crying, as its painful for him to get separated from Kairav.

She runs to the church to pray for Kartik and Kairav’s bonding. She doesn’t know how will she face Kairav when he asks for his dad again. She wonders why Kartik was brought back in their lives for a short period, how can Kairav bear this separation. She couldn’t tell Kairav that Kartik is his real dad.

She faces a conflict between her heart and mind. Vedika visits the church and misses to see Naira. She prays for Kartik as well. She is happy that he has become her friend. She wishes to get Kartik’s love. Kairav asks about Kartik’s job. Naira hears his big stories about his good time with his dad. Naira hugs him and tells him that Kartik is really his dad. She gets depressed seeing his big hopes in eyes. Kairav gets happy that Naira has accepted that his fake dad is for real. Kartik asks Dadi to stay back in Goa for another day, he didn’t get the ticket for the day. Dadi asks him where did he go.

Vedika lies on his behalf and tells Dadi that Kartik went to recover the loss at the exhibition. Kartik thanks Vedika for covering up his absence. Kartik tells Vedika about Kairav, who is really a cute kid. He tells her that he couldn’t meet Kairav’s mum today. She asks him to try again. He doesn’t want to meet Kairav’s mum now, since he has conveyed the message to her friend. He feels he will get weak if he faces Kairav again. Kartik sees Kairav’s picture and misses him.

Naira decides to meet Kartik and introduce Kairav to him. Kartik checks his phone for Kairav’s calls. He feels what’s their connection that he isn’t able to get over Kairav’s thoughts. He fails to see Naira captured in the selfie. Kartik checks out of the hotel and leaves for the airport. Naira takes Kairav to the hotel to make him meet his dad. She learns that Kartik has left for the airport. She gets depressed and thinks if this is fate that their meet isn’t bound to happen.


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