TellyReviews Major Upcoming twists Top 4 This week

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan to go off air soon

TellyReviews Major Upcoming twists Top 4 This week Pyaar Ke Papad Shivika becomes a target of Jaya when the latter frames her for black magic. Omkar believes Shivika. He plans to expose Jaya when he doubts on her. He finds Alankar had plotted the fake tantric at home. He takes a disguise of a tantric and meets Jaya. Jaya thinks he is sent by Alankar and reveals her true colors. Omkar gets a big shock that Jaya had joined hands with Alankar. He reveals his truth to Jaya and asks her why did she do all this. Jaya can’t believe that her truth is out. She lies to him that she has done this on Alankar’s threatening. She lies that Alankar loves Shivika and threatened of killing Omkar, so she was helpless to blame Shivika.

Omkar comes in her words and promises her that he won’t tell her truth to anyone. He promises to take revenge on Alankar. He doesn’t know that Jaya was herself breaking the family by blaming Shivika. He asks Jaya to appear normal now and apologize to the family. Jaya apologizes to everyone. She gets fine and relieves the family. She apologizes to Shivika in front of them. The family gets happy that Jaya is back to normal. Shivika forgives Jaya and shows her big heart. She is happy that Jaya is fine.

Yeh Rishta Kya KH:
Kartik and Naira will soon be having a confrontation scene. Naira meets Kartik at the hotel and reveals that Kairav is his son. Kartik refuses to accept Kairav as his son. He tells her that she doesn’t exist for him, she has chosen to be dead for him, so she is really dead for him now. She wants to explain why she took this big decision of her life. He is angry on her for keeping his son away from him for so long. He doesn’t want to believe Naira after such a big lie. This turns out to be Naira’s ugly imagination. She tries to take Kairav to Kartik for a final meet, and fails.

Kartik makes an excuse to Dadi to stay back in Goa, since his heart doesn’t let him leave. He meets Kairav once again. Naira hides from Kartik. She is afraid of her dream. Kartik feels Kairav’s mum is careless, she wanted to meet him before and now she is avoiding him. He asks why is Kairav’s mum not facing him when he came home. Naira wants Kairav to get peace with Kartik. Naira’s dilemma continues. She doesn’t know how will her face-off will Kartik yield up. She doesn’t want her son to suffer at any cost.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna:

PK’s family struggles to survive in poverty. Kabir finally finds a house to get a shelter. He motivates the family and asks them to settle down. Dhruv is upset over Jhanvi’s cheat. Kabir asks Dhruv to stay positive and think how to support the family. Kabir thinks to get a job, but Jhanvi ruins his certificates. Jhanvi ruins Kabir’s interview plans so that he suffers further. Kabir wants to teach her a lesson by staying in his limits. Dhruv wants revenge on Jhanvi.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan:
Rivaaj kills Raghav and attempts to burn Rani alive. Rani survives the fire incident and gets a new life. She gets treated at the hospital and recovers with her one aim, that’s to ruin Rivaaj. She has a wound from her past. She lost everything, her love Raghav and her old identity. She has much courage and starts fresh with a new face. She gets a new face and new identity to finish Rivaaj. Rani’s new avatar enters Rivaaj’s life with revengeful intentions.


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