Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Amyra’s shocking humiliation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Amyra's shocking humiliation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Amyra’s shocking humiliation 5th July 2019 Kulfi makes Sikandar promise that he will come to wake her up in the morning, since she wants to see his face first. Amyra learns this and finds Sikandar keeping the promise. She hinders and asks Sikandar to stay with her. Sikandar thinks Amyra is changing. He thinks to meet her first and then Kulfi. He thanks her for meeting him. She criticizes him for treating her badly since she isn’t his own daughter. He tries to explain that things aren’t like she is assuming. Kulfi wakes up and doesn’t find Sikandar.

She gets upset and finds him with Amyra. She hears their conversation. Amyra asks Sikandar to give her all the attention if he wants to become her dad. He agrees to her terms. Kulfi cries hearing his promise. Sikandar apologizes to her. She is understanding and forgives him. Amyra finds him with Kulfi again and gets angry. He tells her that he loves both his daughters. He dreams to plan their launch together. He tells them that its a new day and they will forget whatever happened yesterday. He wants them to forget their differences and work hard for their launch. He asks them to come for music practice.

He asks them not to fight now. He makes them sit for the practice. Amyra is angered in her heart seeing Kulfi getting his attention. She spoils the tune intentionally and breaks Kulfi’s practice. He gets angry when Amyra throws water on Kulfi and insults her. Sikandar asks Amyra to stop her tantrums and accept Kulfi as her sister. He doesn’t want to accept any nonsense from Amyra. He shouts on her and asks her to mend her ways. Amyra walks out in anger. He feels sorry for Kulfi. He goes to meet Mia to plan the launch. Gunjan and Mohendar are happy for Kulfi. Gunjan tells Kulfi that she will always have the first right in the house. Gunjan argues with Lovely and doesn’t want Amyra to snatch Kulfi’s rights.

Lovely asks Gunjan not to get biased between Kulfi and Amyra once again, since they won’t yield anything this way. She regrets that she was also biased before. She apologizes to Kulfi. Gunjan vents anger on Lovely for hiding about Amyra’s birth. Gunjan doesn’t want Lovely to do injustice with Amyra. Gunjan calls Amyra an illegitimate child of Tevar and Lovely. Kulfi hears their arguments and wants to know what did Gunjan mean. Gunjan insults Lovely for her affair with Tevar. Amyra wants to know what’s the meaning of illegitimate. Lovely feels sorry and doesn’t tell anything.

Mohendar asks Gunjan not to feed such wrong words in kids’ mind. He asks the kids to go to the school. Amyra asks Lovely to explain her the truth, she doesn’t want anything to be hidden from her. She asks Lovely not to hide anything related to her. She wants her answers. Kulfi wants the problems to end in their lives. Lovely breaks down on hearing Amyra’s questions. Amyra gets stubborn. Lovely tells her that illegitimate child isn’t loved in the world. Amyra feels everyone will hate her now.

Amyra and Kulfi head to the school. Amyra feels depressed and recalls her mum’s words. Kulfi writes an essay on her family. She reads her essay in the school. She tells everyone about Sikandar. She tells them that Sikandar is her father. Amyra criticizes Kulfi and tells them that Kulfi is an illegitimate child of Sikandar. She insults Kulfi in the class. Kulfi doesn’t react since she doesn’t understand the meaning of Amyra’s taunts.


  1. After finding that amyra is lovely and tevars daughter, so, after this also, if amyra doesn’t want to Accept kulfi is her sister, and kulfi and sikanders relation then throw this amyra out of this serial kulfi Kumar bajewala. Because amyra doesn’t have any rights to snatch happiness and sikander from kulfi. If amyra dare to snatch happiness and sikander from kulfi Then I will always hate amyra. And I will always love kulfi. This is not good. And this is all because of that lovely, because that lovely has taught wrong things to amyra.


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