Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Secret conspiracy in big launch

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd September 2019 Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Secret conspiracy in big launch 8th July 2019 Amyra learns that she is an illegitimate child of Lovely and Tevar. She doesn’t accept this fact and thinks that even Kulfi is Sikandar’s illegitimate child. She doesn’t want the humiliation for herself and instead gets accusing Kulfi of ruining her family. She humiliates Kulfi in the class and tags her an illegitimate. Kulfi doesn’t know what does that mean and silently hears the humiliation. Amyra tells the class that Kulfi is really bad and she will tell them how she has snatched her father. Kulfi feels sorry for herself. Amyra asks Kulfi if she will complain to Sikandar and then get happy when Sikandar punishes Amyra.

Sikandar welcomes his daughters home. He asks them how was the day at school. Kulfi cries. He worriedly asks her what is the matter. She lies that she fell down and got hurt. Sikandar asks how did she fall. He finds her fine. He soon realizes that Kulfi is hurt by Amyra’s mischief and isn’t telling him anything. He feels proud of her and hugs Kulfi. He tells her that she will always be very special to him. Amyra gets angered watching them and decides to never accept Kulfi as her sister. Sikandar tries to handle Amyra. Mohendar asks Gunjan not to let Sikandar know about Amyra and Kulfi’s arguments. Sikandar is informed by the school.

He learns that Amyra has insulted Kulfi in the class. He gets a huge shock knowing Amyra tagged her illegitimate. He never expected this from Amyra. He feels Kulfi’s pain. He turns angry and goes to confront Amyra. He tells Amyra that she cheated him today by insulting Kulfi in the class. Lovely and others try to calm him down. Sikandar tells Amyra that she has fallen in his eyes by playing such tricks. Amyra tells him that she has learnt to lie from him since he is a fraud father. He tries to slap her, but Lovely intervenes. Kulfi asks Sikandar to calm down. He asks her to always tell him the truth and not cover up Amyra’s troubling moves.

He doesn’t want Amyra to do any injustice with Kulfi. He makes it clear to Lovely that he will not tolerate Amyra now he will support Kulfi and not let anything hurt her heart. He asks Lovely to explain Amyra. Amyra overhears their conversation and feels she had expected this. She asks Lovely why is Sikandar doing this, just because he isn’t her real father. She tells Lovely that she can’t share Sikandar with Kulfi, it’s better that she gets her real father back. She asks Lovely to decide what she should get in life. She compares Sikandar with Tevar. She tells him that her real father will always choose her first.

Lovely tries to explain to her that Sikandar loved her unconditionally always. Amyra refuses to listen to her. Amyra compels Lovely to support her. Lovely tells her that she regrets to do much wrong with Sikandar and Kulfi, and now she is in their favour. She chooses to do justice with Kulfi. Amyra argues with Lovely. Kulfi worries watching Lovely and Amyra’s emotional row. Lovely cries over her past and shares it with Amyra. Amyra apologizes to Sikandar and Kulfi. Sikandar gets a moment of peace and hugs both his daughters. He wishes that they both stay in harmony. Mia meets her ex-husband Vikram.

She stays with their daughter. She learns about Kulfi and Amyra’s clashes. She tells Vikram that she is going to launch Kulfi and Amyra together and there would be many fire sparks. She is happy that Sikandar has done the deal. Vikram doesn’t want her to launch Sikandar’s daughters. She doesn’t listen to him. Vikram plans to fail the event. Sikandar prepares his daughters for their launch.

Kulfi is really excited about the launch. Amyra pretends to be happy but has enmity in the heart. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he is going to declare their relationship in front of the media. He wants to accept Kulfi as his daughter. Amyra vows to ruin Kulfi’s happiness and happy family bonding.


  1. I hate amyra and I love kulfi. Because amyra never accepts kulfi and sikanders relation and especially kulfi, and also amyra does wrong injustice with kulfi, and when amyra got to know that she is lovely and tevars daughter, and kulfi is sikander and nimrits daughter, now also amyra is not Accepting kulfi as her sister and kulfi and sikanders relation. And this is all because of that lovely, lovely has taught wrong things to amyra. So, I hate amyra and I love kulfi.


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