Yeh Un Dinon Gath Bandhan Upcoming Twists

Yeh Un Dinon Gath Bandhan Upcoming Twists

Yeh Un Dinon Gath Bandhan Upcoming Twists 8th July 2019 Raghu hurts Dhanak by asking her for the divorce. He feels he can’t live with her now, since she has hurt his mum a lot. He compels Dhanak to sign the papers. When she refuses, he forces her for the divorce. She gets hurt by his move. He leaves in her tears and then feels her pain. Raghu hurts himself as well to punish himself. Dhanak finds his hand burnt and realizes that he is suppressing his love by his fake hatred. He still loves Dhanak, but doesn’t want to forget her deeds. His anger isn’t subsiding and ruining their beautiful bond. Raghu doesn’t want to forget the jail incident post his marriage with Dhanak.

Dhanak finds him sleeping and does the aid to his burnt hand. Raghu wakes up and makes her away. He doesn’t want her help. He asks Dhanak not to show fake concern for him. She questions him why did he hurt himself if he doesn’t care for him. He denies to have any feelings for him. Dhanak plans to end his anger to get back to good terms with him.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer and Naina have a unique celebration. Naina resigns to her job when her boss Mr. Bakshi creates issue at the workplace. Naina teaches a lesson to her boss. Sameer and Naina explain their hardships to her boss to bring him to senses. Naina blames Mr. Bakshi for taking advantage of her hardwork and innocent. Her boss blames her for stealing the script. Sameer tells Mr. Bakshi that he will not leave without getting Naina’s credit back. He doesn’t want Naina to get insulted. Naina wants her hardwork to get appreciated.

Sameer and Naina celebrate their love and cut a cake. They are happy that despite their odd obstacles, they are together. Sameer and Naina romance and find chances to stay smiling. Sameer doesn’t want Naina to have any tensions regarding her job. They realize that their will be ups and downs in life, and they have to stay positive. They want to pass the bad phase with their positivity.


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