Star Plus 8th July Don’t Miss the Upcomings

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Star Plus 8th July 2019 Don’t Miss the Upcomings Sonakshi wants Pulkit to return Rohit’s watch. She tells him that Rohit has confirmed the serial number. Suman gets angry on her for returning the costly watch. Sonakshi promises to get a new watch for Pulkit. Sonakshi gets upset when Suman criticizes her. She doesn’t want to do wrong with anyone. Pulkit consoles Sonakshi and asks her to forgive Suman. Sonakshi dislikes Suman’s greediness. Pari gets Sonakshi’s sign on the cheque by making excuses. Rohit gets ready to meet Sonakshi at her set location so that he can get the watch back. Veena asks him where is he going. He tells her that he found the watch, its with Sonakshi and he is going to pick it.

Veena tells him that she will not let him go alone as he fainted by fever. She wants to accompany him for his safety. Even the maid wants to accompany them and watch Sonakshi’s shooting live. Veena stops the maid from her craziness. Veena and Rohit reach the sets and find Sonakshi working hard, shooting in the rain sequence. Rohit asks Sonakshi for her watch. Sonakshi treats them nicely. Rohit tells her that she may fall ill if she shoots this rain sequence for long. She tells him that the shooting will go all night and it gets tiring. Sonakshi explains the scene. Rohit criticizes the stupid storyline. Sonakshi tells him that its just fiction meant for entertainment. Rohit gets liking Sonakshi. He runs to Sonakshi’s rescue when he finds her in trouble.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji: Happy attempts to meet Honey. She surprises Honey and feeds him the food. She asks him to take care and get fine soon. Honey asks her not to go away. She gets emotional and misses Rocky. Happy asks him to sleep and rushes out of the house, by avoiding Madhu and Rocky. She makes an excuse and seeks Madhu’s blessings. She wants to save her identity from getting known to them. She asks Honey to catch up her radio show if he misses her. She comes across Rocky. Rocky and Happy meet in her dream sequence. Rocky gets interrupted by Harleen. Happy gets away from his sight. Honey wants Happy back. He tells Rocky that he is scared of the thundering and darkness.

Rocky takes care of him. He warns Harleen about her carelessness towards their son. Rocky feels Khushi is Happy. He misses Happy. He gets Happy’s message. She informs him about the threat targeting Honey at the school. Rocky gets worried with the shocking message and calls on the number. Happy answers the call and tells Rocky that she is Honey’s well-wisher. She tells him that someone had tried to manipulate Honey’s treatment at the hospital as well.

Rocky doesn’t believe her and asks her to come to meet him. He thinks to get details of the number. Rocky decides to keep Honey at home for few days. Honey calls Happy to share his problems. Rocky asks the detective to find out who is Honey’s new well-wisher. Honey asks Happy to take him to school some how. Happy wants to keep Honey protected. Honey goes missing from the house. Rocky scolds Harleen for not monitoring Honey.


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