Silsila Mishti declares her marriage with Veer

Silsila Mishti declares her marriage with Veer

Silsila Mishti declares her marriage with Veer 9th July 2019 Mishti dreams of romancing Ruhaan. She sees Pari around and acts to be sleeping. Ruhaan wants to talk to Mishti. He goes to Mishti and finds her sleeping. Mishti finds Ruhaan sleeping near the window, waiting for her to wake up. Mishti falls in love with his gesture. She feels confused over her decisions. She wants to tell everyone that she loves Ruhaan, but she doesn’t want to hurt her family. She thinks to become strong and not fall weak emotionally, which will not benefit anyone. She controls her feelings. Ruhaan looks for Mishti. He finds her avoiding him. He writes sorry cards for Mishti. Mishti stops Pari from seeing the cute notes from Ruhaan. Mishti gets a lovely gift. She doesn’t want Ruhaan to have high hopes.

Ruhaan tells her that he wants to rectify her mistake of forgiving Veer. He finds it weird that Veer is calling her and she is going to meet him. He tells her that Veer isn’t a right person, he has insulted her a lot, she shouldn’t meet him when everything is over between them. Pari feels Ruhaan is right. Pari asks Mishti why did she hide about Veer’s crime. Mishti reacts in anger and tells them that its not a big deal if she has forgiven Veer and his parents. She scolds Ruhaan for dragging the matter and acting great. She asks him to stay out of her matters. Ruhaan gets puzzled by her behavior. He asks Pari why is Mishti venting anger on him.

Ruhaan asks Mishti to clarify things. Mishti lies to him that she is leaving for an important meeting. Ruhaan lets her go and follows her. Mishti will be seen taking a big step to instill hatred in Ruhaan’s heart. Pari is in love with Ruhaan. Mishti doesn’t want to break Pari’s heart. She apologizes to Ruhaan for hurting his sentiments. She is helpless because of Pari. She wants to sacrifice her love. She thinks Ruhaan will agree to accept Pari’s love if she cheats him in love. She proves to Ruhaan that she is back with Veer. She meets Veer, while she makes Ruhaan follow her. Ruhaan watches Mishti taking her engagement ring back from Veer.

Mishti tells Veer that she will talk to Radhika about them soon. Ruhaan can’t understand the meaning of their conversation. Veer asks Mishti to be careful in her planning. Mishti finds Ruhaan and asks him if he is spying on her. Ruhaan confronts her for her cheat and demands an answer. Ruhaan tells Mishti that he has a right to know what’s bothering her. Mishti tells him that she feels suffocated in her relationship. He asks her if she finds Veer better than him now.

She tells him that she has realized her love for Veer, she couldn’t forget Veer by now. She tells him that Veer loves her and he has proved this by getting himself arrested. She breaks up with him. He asks her if she has lost her mind. She tells him that he can’t provide her any financially security, she is tired of helping him. She tells him that Veer can give her financial security and keep her happy. Mishti gets rude to him and declares that she is going to marry Veer. This gets shocking for Ruhaan.

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