Huge Shocker for Kulfi Kumar 9th July 2019

Kulfi Kumar Amyra to unravel the secret mystery

Huge Shocker for Kulfi Kumar 9th July 2019 Sikandar is very happy that he is going to launch both his daughters together, and also going to give his name to Kulfi. Kulfi is also waiting for the moment when she is known as Sikandar’s daughter. She wants to get an acceptance in the world, so that she gains respect and love like normal family children. Sikandar and Kulfi play and have fun, looking ahead to the coming day. Amyra plans otherwise. She wants to ruin their happiness by crushing Kulfi’s dreams. Amyra can’t accept that Sikandar is showering love on Kulfi. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he is proud of her, they will be living happy from now on and have a best family.

He feels he has done something good that he got a selfless daughter like him. He wants to pray that he gets Kulfi as his daughter always. Kulfi tells him that she will also pray to get a father like him always. She is also proud of him. They both admire each other. Amyra tells Sikandar that she is happy for them. She is pretending to be good towards them on Lovely’s saying. Lovely had asked her not to hurt Sikandar’s heart. Amyra wants her dad back. Lovely agrees to Amyra’s conditions and asks her to obey her first. Lovely can’t see Amyra upset.

Amyra is Lovely’s weakness. Amyra thinks Kulfi has no idea about the next happening. She wants to ruin Kulfi’s big day. Kulfi gets too excited and shares it with Nimrat, the star. She tells the star that its a big day for her, Sikandar will be introducing her to the world as his daughter. She wants to prepare a speech so that she can also render in front of the media. She rushes to write a lovely speech in praise of Sikandar.

Kulfi hugs Amyra happily. She doesn’t know that Amyra still hates her. Sikandar is happy and prepares food for the family. He asks them to get ready for the launch soon. Lovely is upset since she knows what is Amyra up to. She doesn’t want Amyra to ruin Kulfi’s happiness. She falls helpless.

Kulfi tells Sikandar that she will be happy when he gives his name to her, and she will be sharing her feelings as well. She reads the lovely emotional speech, which makes everyone cry. Kulfi asks them not to cry but smile. Sikandar feels lucky to get Kulfi. Kulfi and Amyra ask him to get ready for their wonderful song. They get Sikandar’s blessings. He gets emotional and wants them to always prosper.

Kulfi and Amyra sing perfectly in the launch. Sikandar gets delighted seeing them together. He prays that Kulfi always stays happy. Lovely is concerned for Amyra’s tensions. She doesn’t know what to tell Sikandar about Amyra’s plans. Mia is happy to launch Kulfi and Amyra. She goes to reveal Kulfi’s secret. Sikandar gets blackmailed by Amyra once again and breaks his promise to Kulfi. He declares Kulfi as Kulfi Mohendar Singh Gill instead Kulfi Sikandar Singh Gill. This becomes a big shock for Kulfi. Sikandar feels her pain and stays helpless. Kulfi doesn’t know why Sikandar denied to give his name to her once again. Sikandar betrays Kulfi and breaks her trust once again on Amyra’s evil demand. How does Amyra trap her parents this time? Will Kulfi get her rights ever? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: 1/5 LOOPED track
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  1. I hate amyra. Amyra is very bad, mad, cheap, disgusting, selfish, girl, Because amyra always doesn’t respect elders, dosen’t except kulfi as her sister, dosen’t except kulfi and sikanders relation, and amyra always insults kulfi and does wrong injustice with Kulfi, this is not good. This is wrong. And when amyra got to know the truth that amyra is lovely and tevars daughter, and kulfi is sikander and nimrats daughter, then also amyra is not accepting her mistakes, not realizing her mistakes, not apologizing to sikander, and especially kulfi for what amyra has always done and doing wrong injustice with kulfi, so, this is wrong. This is not good. And this all because of that lovely. Because lovely has taught wrong things to amyra. So, if amyra dosen’t accept and realise her mistakes, then please throw this amyra out of this serial kulfi Kumar bajewala.

  2. How can parents so stupid they cant see the criminal behaviour of their child whatever is shown in Amarya character seems to be so frustrating The mothers like Lovely always destroy the life of their child . I feel now Kulfi should ask Sikander to send her far from this environment all she needs now is a good education and environment where she can grow up and become independent Sikander was always selfish first he married Nimrat hiding with society then he left her alone and then gained success he will again leave Kulfi. Fathers like Sikandar and Mothers like Lovely can only raise daugthers like Amarya Kulfi was anyways raised by her mother so she cant be that selfish its better she should leave Sikander he doesnt deserve a daughter like Kulfi.


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