YRKKH Naira to open up about her past 9th July 2019

YRKKH Naira to open up about her past 9th July 2019

YRKKH Naira to open up about her past 9th July 2019 Kartik misses to meet Kairav’s mum. He asks Kairav to take care of himself. Kairav asks him to come back soon. Naira gets caught by her friend, who questions her for hiding this way. Naira makes many excuses of work. She doesn’t want Naira to avoid Kartik this way, since the matter concerns Kairav as well. She demands Naira to tell her the truth. She asks Naira how could she leave Kairav alone at the school. She knows Naira isn’t irresponsible or someone to tolerate the taunts from outsiders. Naira finally speaks up and tells her that Kartik is Kairav’s biological father, destiny has played this innocent game to bring them together in an unexpected way. Naira sheds tears after telling her about her life’s big change. Her friend feels sorry for her.

Vedika looks after Dadi’s health and asks her to have medicines on time every day. Suwarna explains Dadi in a strange way so that Dadi understands. She asks Dadi not to put pressure on Kartik and Vedika for marriage, else things will get worse. Manish agrees with Suwarna. Dadi doesn’t listen to them. She asks Vedika why did she become Kartik’s friend. Vedika tells Dadi that she is happy to be his friend, she won’t do anything to hurt his heart, she will respect the friendship always. Dadi wants them to fall in love and get married. She knows Naira is dead and now Kartik has to move on to stay happy.

She asks Manish and Suwarna to ask Kartik for marriage. Manish doesn’t think he can force Kartik. Vedika asks Dadi not to worry, things will happen as destined. Dadi worries by pandit’s warning about Kartik’s life troubles. Naira’s friend asks her to watch Kartik’s love for Kairav, when Kartik doesn’t know their relation. She is sure that Kartik will love Kairav more on knowing the truth. She asks Naira to tell him the truth and reconcile. Naira doesn’t want to tell him anything, since Kartik wasn’t aware of her pregnancy when they both got apart. Naira doesn’t want to share about Kartik’s suspicion.

She tells her that she has taken the situation driven decision just for the sake of her esteem. Naira is happy that Kairav met his dad. Her friend asks her to let Kartik and Kairav stay together now. Naira feels Kartik loves Kairav since he doesn’t know the truth. She promises to give much love to Kairav so that he doesn’t need Kartik. Naira tells her that its tough to meet Kartik and explain him the truth, its better that Kartik goes away. She wants to tell the truth to Kairav when he grows up. She is sure that Kartik will stay happy with her. Her friend doesn’t think so. Naira waits for the right time. Naira tries to arrange money for her expenses. She goes on the road to pick her money. She gets spotted by Akhilesh.

He learns that she is alive. He shouts to her and follows her. He wonders how can Naira be alive. Kairav gets face painting done. Naira sees the frog painting and misses Kartik. Kairav asks her to click his picture and send it to Kartik with a cute note. Naira asks Kairav to have food. Naira’s friend asks her if she will do this for Kairav. Naira wants to fight with her fate and life. She gains strength and thinks to message Kartik. She can do anything for her son. Kartik begins to check out from the hotel. He waits in the lobby and feels strange that he is going away from Kairav. He sees Kairav’s picture and misses Naira.

He feels Naira and his child would have been exactly like Kairav. He doesn’t know their connection. He meets Akhilesh at the hotel and asks him how did he come to Goa suddenly when Dadi and Vedika left for home. Akhilesh doesn’t know how to tell Kartik about spotting Naira. Naira and Kartik would be coming face to face soon, but will fate play any new game again? Keep reading.


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