Ishq SubhanAllah Shocking Kabeer and Zara to die

Ishq SubhanAllah Shocking bad news stops Zara's wedding

Ishq SubhanAllah Shocking Kabeer and Zara to die Twists today 10th July 2019 Kabeer and Zara get compelled to get together for a good cause. They visit a factory and find the conspiracy of child labor. Kabeer wants to stop child labor. He wants to tackle this social issue. He tells the man that children are innocent and one should help them in shaping their future, rather than ruining their future by putting them in slavery. He warns the man against exploiting the children. Kabeer and Zara threaten the factory owner of dire consequences and ask him to stop child labor right away.

Kabeer and Zara dream of their good moments. They are living apart because of Kabeer’s decision. They miss each other a lot. Later on, a new trouble arrives in their lives. Kabeer and Zara get caught in the fire. Zara shouts for help and reaches Kabeer. Kabeer asks her to keep her faith, he will save her for sure. She is his life and he can’t put her life at stake. Zara tells him that she can’t get saved this time, its better that she lives her life’s last moment with him.

She just wants to see him until she breathes her last. He tries to break the heavy glass door and free Zara. He turns helpless when he fails to open the door. Zara runs around to get saved from the fiery fire. She sheds tears in fear. She feels her death is close. Kabeer tries to get some help for her. He tells her that he will attempt to save her until his last breath. They love each other a lot. Kabeer and Zara share a moment of love and express that they love each other a lot. He tells her that he will die with her, if he can’t live with her. They cry seeing each other and try to cheer themselves. Rizwan has trapped Zara in the fire. He wants to separate the lovers. Kabeer will be saving Zara.

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