Kasautii Anurag witnesses his biggest defeat

Kasautii Anurag witnesses his biggest defeat

Kasautii Anurag witnesses his biggest defeat 10th July 2019 Anurag sees the puja completion. Pandit asks him not to meet the bride until the marriage rituals begin. Anurag tells him that he didn’t know this customs, he will call Prerna for a talk. Prerna gets upset. Mr. Bajaj tells her about the marriage customs. He gifts her the bridal dress and jewellery. When she refuses, he asks her to get ready. Mr. Bajaj hands over her phone and asks her to talk to Anurag. Anurag promises her that he will love her a lot. Prerna gets worried seeing his happiness and expectations. He tells her that he can’t live without her. He asks her to write his name in her mehendi design. He gets gifts for Prerna. Mohini is happy seeing his happiness.

She wishes her son always stays happy. Mr. Bajaj gets the best of things for Prerna. The ladies tell her that Mr. Bajaj asked them to prepare for the marriage five days back. Prerna wonders how was Mr. Bajaj so sure of her answer when they met just two days back. She thinks Mr. Bajaj had this motive already in mind. Anurag waits for Prerna to come in the bridal dress. He feels lucky to get Prerna. He gets mehendi on his hand and gets P written. Prerna asks the lady to write A on her hand. Mr. Bajaj doesn’t bother, knowing that she loves Anurag. He gifts her a Ganpati idol. He makes the A alphabet into R for Rishabh.

Prerna gets emotional and feels she lost Anurag. Anurag calls her again to confess love. Prerna misses him and doesn’t know how to break his heart by such a big deceive. Prerna thinks to anger Anurag so that he moves on without her. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna proceed for their marriage. Anurag tells the family that Prerna loves him a lot and he is lucky to get all the happiness at once. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna leave for the temple for their marriage. She feels its a big test of love for her. Ronit informs Anurag about Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s marriage. Anurag can’t believe this and thinks its Ronit’s new plan. He calls Prerna and couldn’t talk to her. Anurag gets the temple address and rushes there, only to find the most shocking thing of Prerna’s marriage completion with Mr. Bajaj.

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  1. Crazy Prena making a use sacrifice and it does get better after not all sacrifice do
    when everything n family accepting her…… forget mr balraj explain to anurag anything can be solved than to make life more difficult


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