Kulfi Kumar Major Shock by helpless Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Major Shock by helpless Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Major Shock by helpless Sikandar 10th July 2019 Kulfi and Sikandar want to meet the moment when they both celebrate their relation in front of the world. Kulfi wants to call him her father and hug him. Sikandar wishes that Amyra and Kulfi’s happiness stay the same always. Amyra doesn’t go to him. Lovely falls helpless because of Amyra. She asks Sikandar to convince Amyra and get her back. She thinks if Sikandar will succeed in his task. Sikandar goes to find Amyra. Lovely follows him. They don’t find Amyra inside. Lovely finds Amyra in the washroom. She doesn’t inform Sikandar and misleads Sikandar. She tells Sikandar that she wants Amyra back. Sikandar tells her that Amyra had accepted Kulfi as her sister and now she is missing again. He doesn’t understand what’s happening and why. Lovely tells him that Amyra wants to become his daughter, but not Kulfi’s sister.

Sikandar gets Amyra’s letter. Amyra blackmails him and asks him not to give his name to Kulfi else she will leave from his life forever. Amyra compels her to choose any one of Kulfi or her. She wants to come on the stage if he agrees to her condition. Lovely tells him that she is much worried for Amyra. She tells that Amyra isn’t able to handle the truth that her dad isn’t her real dad. She asks Sikandar to understand Amyra’s mental breakdown. She tells him that Amyra isn’t able to accept the truth, Tevar is her real dad. She wants Kulfi to get her happiness also, but she can’t risk Amyra’s happiness.

Sikandar tells her that he can’t do any injustice with Kulfi. He asks her why does he always have to give this test of love. She scares him by showing Amyra’s bracelet. Lovely tells him that Amyra may hurt herself. He breaks down with the thought of losing Amyra. He tells Lovely that their family may break apart because of Amyra’s stubbornness. Lovely begs him to accept Amyra’s condition once. She promises to secure Kulfi’s happiness. Sikandar goes on the stage and praises the talent of both his daughters.

Sikandar hugs Kulfi and tells them that he has an announcement to make. He tells them that Kulfi is part of his family, he is Mohendar’s daughter. He feels sorry to declare Kulfi as his niece. Kulfi and family receive a big shock on seeing this. Amyra gets happy and comes on the stage to hug him. Sikandar feels torn apart. Kulfi shatters and sheds tears. Kulfi didn’t expect this from Sikandar.

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  1. This is seriously not fare with Kulfi. Not liking the current episodes. Poor Kulfi she is been struggling from day 1.

  2. This show getting too ridiculous teasing the viewer of an U turn for Kulfi life
    Why is Sikander always choosing Amyra? Why Amyra always getting her way?
    He need to let her accept life inst always about her n her evil manipulating ways how will she ever learn? Amyra need to grow up and not getting her way all the time it so boring to watch her evil ways why is Tevar not back it his responsability after all.

    Kulfi should just leave that house no good or happiness comes when evil bad intention ppls live there. Life is really should be this way you were told n know whom is your father but he has no right to take your happiness away by listening n being torture

  3. What stupidity is this? Are the makers insane or what? I donot really understand how difficult is it for a parent to explain things to a seven uear old daughter? Why on this earth is kulfi the one who is always suffering?


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