Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking decision hits Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking decision hits Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking decision hits Sikandar 11th July 2019 Sikandar takes a big step in fear of Amyra. Lovely acts helpless in front of the family. Mia knows that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. She doesn’t understand why is Sikandar lying to the media like this. She stays numb and watches the drama. Kulfi sheds tears of sorrow, since she didn’t believe that Sikandar will lose once again because of his cowardliness. Amyra rejoices that Sikandar has chosen her as his only daughter. She tells the media that Sikandar is the best father and best Guru. The media reporters question Kulfi about not telling them about Mohendar, her father.

They ask Kulfi why did she not reveal her connection with Sikandar’s family. Kulfi breaks down by the numerous weird questions by the media. Mia stops the media from asking personal questions. She asks them to limit the questions to music. Kulfi wants to get away from Sikandar. Sikandar and his family come home. Kulfi feels she has got cheated once again. She breaks down. Her happiness ends in one stroke. Sikandar apologizes to her like always. He expects her to understand him and forgive him. He tells her that he is broken down because of Amyra.

He feels sorry that he is a bad father, and couldn’t keep both his daughters happy. He is blackmailed by Amyra. He tells her that since he has become a father, he has no right to decide about his own life. He feels sorry to do injustice with Kulfi, when he wants to give her happiness. He makes an earnest apology. Kulfi knows Amyra is the culprit in the tale. She feels her fate is playing this game with her, and Sikandar is just a helpless pawn of Amyra. Sikandar makes fresh promises to her that he will rectify his mistake and give his name to her soon.

He promises to get her the due respect once he convinces Amyra. Kulfi gets understanding him again. She forgives Sikandar. She tells him that its enough that he has accepted her as his daughter at home, if not in front of the world. She just wants her father’s love, not any fake attention by the world. She shows a big heart to lessen his sorrow. Kulfi talks to Nimrat over her new failure. She feels she has got to the initial point once again because of Amyra. She feels sorry for herself since she is paying much punishment being at no fault. She doesn’t want to live a life of lie.

She doesn’t lie ever and wants to know why are lies served to her as truth. She just wants Sikandar. She doesn’t want Sikandar to turn helpless always. Her dream shatters. She sheds tears in loneliness. Mohendar feels bad to witness her shattered state. Mohendar gets fed up of Sikandar’s shocking impulsive behavior. He reminds Sikandar their childhood. He tells Sikandar that he has won many awards, and then he left music and took the responsibility of the house after their dad’s death. He tells how he has gifted all his life’s assets to Sikandar.

He has turned into Sikandar’s father the day their father died. He asks Sikandar to judge him as a father, not a brother. He reminds father’s duty to Sikandar. He wants to teach him his responsibility and the thin difference between right and wrong. He doesn’t feel proud of Sikandar for his cowardliness. He feels Sikandar snatched Kulfi’s rights for Amyra’s sake. He scolds Sikandar for failing his upbringing. He asks Sikandar not to tag his cowardliness as helplessness. He doesn’t want Sikandar to explain his helplessness to Kulfi, than taking up his responsibility.

He tells him that that a father has to just do his duty rather than making big false promises time to time. He explains how he has been unjust towards Sikandar. He feels ashamed of Sikandar. He tells Sikandar that he doesn’t deserve to be called a father. He calls him a cheater to cheat his own daughter. He shocks Sikandar by refusing to forgive him for this huge mistake.

He angrily hurts Sikandar’s sentiments to teach him a lesson of life. He tells Sikandar that Kulfi is his big asset, whom he has lost today. He takes a shocking decision to make Kulfi away from Sikandar, who doesn’t deserve her at all. Sikandar doesn’t want to part ways with Sikandar. Mohendar wants to raise Kulfi and leave Sikandar with Amyra’s responsibility. Mohendar regards Kulfi as his daughter. Keep reading.

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  1. This has really gone on for so long how much can such a small call handle and what does this teach our children that a father will always be a coward when it comes to 2 kids and in general step mothers are evil but loveleen has gone to far.i dont feel like watching anymore its disturbing.


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