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Yeh Rishta Huge sudden accusation on Kartik 11th July 2019 Kartik gets panicking when Dadi faints in his lap. Dadi wants Kartik to remarry. Kartik feels he has lost Dadi. He thinks Dadi has died after a heart attack. He feels sorry that he has lost Naira and Dadi as well. The family gets worried for Dadi. Manish and Kartik ask Dadi to open her eyes and talk to them. Kartik gets sinking in depression when he sees Dadi not responding. He recalls how he has lost Soumya, Shubham, his little baby and Naira. He doesn’t want to lose Dadi at any cost. He hugs Manish and cries. They rush Dadi to the hospital.

Manish asks them to call the best doctors for backup, he can’t lose his mother. Dadi suffers the heart attack, but gets saved by getting the treatment in time. Akhilesh follows Naira and wants to know her identity. He wants to know if Naira is alive, if she is really Naira, then why didn’t she come back home. He also gets puzzled seeing her little son Kairav. Meanwhile, Kairav tells the kids about his dad. The kids don’t believe him and think he is making stories. They didn’t see Kairav’s dad. Kairav tells them that when he dad comes home, they all can come over and meet him. The ladies ask Naira about her husband. Naira gets speechless.

Kairav tells them that a kid is cheating, its bad. Naira agrees with him. The lady tells her that hiding the truth is also bad. Naira’s friend asks Naira not to separate Kairav from his dad. She asks her not to take risk of losing Kairav. She tells Naira that she did wrong to separate Kairav and Kartik. Kartik gets sorrowful and talks to Naira’s picture. He misses her and feels he is losing strength. Kartik gets away from the family to shed some tears. Kartik misses Kairav as well. He wishes Dadi didn’t meet this unfortunate day. Surekha tries to call Akhilesh to inform him. Suwarna consoles Manish and tells him that Dadi will soon get fine.

Doctor tells them that they have to operate Dadi as soon as possible. She tells that Dadi is out of danger, but the family shouldn’t give her any stress again. Manish gives the consent for the surgery. Kartik takes Dadi’s responsibility. Doctor lets them meet Dadi. Kartik meets Dadi while Manish loses to face her. Kartik values Dadi a lot. He knows her love and concern for them. He realizes his mistake. Manish feels guilty for arguing with Dadi. Suwarna doesn’t want him to blame himself. Kartik overhears the family discussing about Vedika and his marriage. Manish scolds Kartik for not valuing Dadi. Naira gets the news of Dadi’s heart attack. She recalls Dadi’s last wish that she wants to see Kartik’s child soon.

Naira gets emotional thinking of Goenka family. Kartik and Naira fear to lose Dadi. Akhilesh learns about Dadi too and rushes back to the family. Akhilesh meets Manish to know about their mum. Surekha gets angry on him for being so irresponsible and not answering her calls. Manish tells Akhilesh that Dadi is worried since Vedika refused to marry Kartik, because of Kartik’s love for Naira. Manish goes to meet Dadi. He asks Dadi not to worry for Kartik’s future. He doesn’t want Dadi to risk her life.

Dadi tells him that Kartik shouldn’t keep a fake smile, his decision would be right for his life. Vedika apologizes to Dadi. Akhilesh thinks to tell Kartik about Naira. He wants to know why is Naira living away. Kartik thanks Vedika when he sees her taking care of everyone. Akhilesh fights with his questions. He gets in dilemma and thinks to meet Naira once. Manish accuses Kartik for Dadi’s condition. He commands Kartik to marry Vedika. Naira decides to head to Udaipur to make Kairav meet his family.

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  1. Great that naira has agreed to meet Kartik but I hope she doesn’t change mind.
    I wish them to meet within next two episodes.


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