Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Raman’s absence causes a havoc

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Raman's absence causes a havoc

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Raman’s absence causes a havoc 11th July 2019 Ruhi gets fed up of Karan and Yug’s fights. She asks Karan to come with her to the office to manage the project work if he wills to, else he may stay back at home. She doesn’t want to beg him more. She thinks Karan and Yug’s tiff will be soon known to Ishita. Karan apologizes to her and goes to get ready for the office. Ishita waits for her team. Yug reaches office. She asks for Ruhi and Karan. Yug hides the issues and tells her that they would be coming soon. Ishita meets the investors and asks Yug to give the presentation. Karan doesn’t like Yug’s presentation. He doesn’t pass any comment and leaves. Ishita applauds Yug for his hardwork. Arijit provokes Karan and tells him that the meeting started without him.

Karan tells him that he doesn’t doubt Ishita’s decisions. Ruhi finds Karan and Yug arguing again. She asks them to stop it at once. Ishita watches them behaving weird in front of her. They head to home and praise Yug for his wonderful presentation. Ishita decides to visit the temple. The Bhallas don’t want her to visit the temple as per their customs. Mrs. Bhalla lets Ishita go so that she stays happy. Ishita asks them to accompany her to the temple. Simmi doesn’t want to go along. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to support Ishita. They plan to tell Ishita about Raman’s loss and convince her for the acceptance. Ruhi and Aaliya miss Raman.

They are worried for Karan and Yug’s fights. Ruhi feels its Yug’s mistake. Aaliya asks Ruhi not to call Yug wrong, its actually Karan’s mistake. They also end up arguing. Yug and Karan join the argument and blame each other. Simmi thinks Raman’s absence is causing these issues, they would have not fought like this if Raman was alive. She gets disappointed with them and asks them if they have forgotten Raman so soon. Simmi asks them not to do the drama in front of Ishita. She wants them to be normal. Yug cries recalling Ruhi’s taunts. Aaliya pacifies him and asks him to understand Ruhi’s love for Karan, Ruhi would obviously support Karan.

She asks him to focus on the project and fulfill Raman’s dreams. She asks him not to disappoint Ishita, who is counting on him. Ishita gets Raman’s message shockingly and shares this with the family. Arijit is the secret messager playing with Ishita’s emotions. He fools her by Raman’s name. Ishita asks Shagun and Mani to call Raman and talk to him. Shagun doesn’t think Raman is alive and feels Ishita is mistaken.


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