YRHPK Kunal turns villain for Abir-Mishti’s love story

Rishtey Pyaar Accident twist amidst Janmashtami fun

YRHPK Kunal turns villain for Abir-Mishti’s love story 11th July 2019 Meenakshi summons Maheshwari family for a meet at Rajvansh family. Meenakshi tells her dad that she has called Maheshwaris home. She realizes her mistake since Abir’s incident. She tells them that she is grateful to Mishti for saving Abir. Jasmeet doesn’t tell Kuhu and Mishti about the family visiting Rajvanshs. Kuhu pleases her and gets the information that the family went on Meenakshi’s call. Kuhu wants to go there since her life’s big decision is going to be taken there. Mishti stops Kuhu from upsetting Rajshri. She asks Kuhu to wait until the family returns. Meenakshi makes an apology to them and tells them that she can’t break her family. She breaks her ego and accepts Kuhu’s alliance for Kunal.

She asks Maheshwaris to give them a reply on the alliance. Vishwamber tells Meenakshi that he needs time to decide. Maheshwaris discuss about accepting the alliance. Shaurya asks Vishwamber what does he want to reply. Vishwamber doesn’t believe Meenakshi and wants to refuse to the alliance. He calls Kuhu and asks her answer. Kuhu tells him that she just wants to marry Kunal. Vishwamber thinks to change his decision. Abir calls Mishti and tells her about their families’ meet for the alliance talk. He is happy that the storm did something good for them. He invites Mishti home. He tells Mishti that she can come home with Kuhu soon, they shall celebrate. He wants to show her painting and confess his feelings.

Mishti doesn’t want to face Abir’s confession. She thinks she isn’t mentally prepared to react to his proposal. Kuhu asks Mishti isn’t she happy for her, that she doesn’t want to come. She compels Mishti to come along. Kuhu and Mishti meet Meenakshi and take her blessings. Nidhi tells them that Kunal was planning to elope with Kuhu, that’s why Meenakshi has accepted their love. Maheshwaris accept Kunal as Kuhu’s partner. They bless Kuhu and Kunal. Abir tries to talk to Mishti and thinks she is avoiding him for some reason. He has no idea that she has seen the painting already. Kuhu thanks Varsha for convincing Vishwamber. Abir takes Mishti aside to confess his love.

Abir and Mishti have a painting. Abir accepts his life’s biggest truth, his love for Mishti. Kunal asks Kuhu to help him in making Mishti away from Abir, if she wants to marry him. He asks Kuhu not to upset Meenakshi by supporting Abir and Mishti’s love story. Kuhu gets in a dilemma since Abir and Mishti completed her love story. Mishti gets to hear Abir’s love confession and reciprocates. Abir gets on cloud nine and dreams of her. Kunal convinces Kuhu to help him in his motives.

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